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"Our working group "Accès aux Savoirs" (Access to Knowledge) in Paris includes activists, NGOs, academics, political leaders. It is hosted by Europe Ecology, but many of our members are not affiliated to EE or the Greens. The purpose of the group is to develop collective thinking and to produce political strategies with people who are involved on various issues related to intellectual property, but that we prefer to address as access to knowledge issues. Topics we are working on so far include: open and free innovation, mobilization against ACTA, IP and technological transfert of green techs, new models for biomedical research, international negotiations on biodiversity, access to medicines, net neutrality, etc.

Our aims are :

- to develop a transversal approach of A2K/IP issues, beyond specific problems existing in various fields (health, agriculture, internet, etc.), connecting the various political levels in which IPR policies are produced (national, european, international), - to work collectively in producing political action, building new collaborations between actors who did not use to work together because they focus on separate issues, but who are facing similar structural problems with the IPR system, - and to favor the introduction and the use of news concepts and ideas produced by activists and advocates in political spheres and policy making."

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