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  • "A worker cooperative is a cooperative owned and democratically controlled by its worker-owners. This control may be exercised in a number of ways. In "pure" forms of worker co-operative, all shares are held by the workforce with no outside or consumer owners, and each member has one voting share. In practice, control by worker-owners may be exercised through individual, collective or majority ownership by the workforce, or the retention of individual, collective or majority voting rights (exercised on a one-member one-vote basis). A worker cooperative, therefore, has the characteristic that the majority of its workforce own shares, and the majority of shares are owned by the workforce." [1]
  • "Worker Cooperatives and Collectives are enterprises democratically controlled by their members. Structured in many different ways they are united by the principle of member control based on the co-op principle of “one member, one vote." Some adopt a consensus decision-making structure." [2]



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