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Based on an extensive study of nearly two years of the original expressions of woke sentiments, I think we can distill the following principles that lay behind most of the communication we can witness by their adherents. I have preferred highlighting the inner consistency of the ideology rather than the inner contradictions.

For those with no time to read up on the factual material behind these statements. The documentaries of the events at Evergreen State College will be the primary material to back up this synthesis.

  1. People are largely determined by their membership in human groups, that are characterized by biological markers that have social consequences, i.e. race, gender, etc ... Individuals may possess different markers that should be seen in addition to each other.
  2. How we are treated by life and society is largely a function of these markers. The ‘intersectional’ addition of these markers create a hierarchy between human beings and social beings, which consists of levels of power, and levels of oppression.
  3. There can be no human relation that is not determined by these markers, hence every relation is always one of relative oppression. In any unequal relation, there is an oppressor that must atone and listen, and an oppressed that needs to be listened to in service of liberation. A ‘oppressor’ person must atone for the oppression by his group, and can do this through confession and admission of guilt, and by becoming an ally of the oppressed. This engagement does not mean the oppressor can be liberated from his status, not now and in the future, it is not a path of redemption, only of atonement.
  4. Allyship actively excludes equality between privileged and underprivileged. Allyship is service to the underprivileged and their leaders.
  5. There can be no expression of individuality that is not determined by these markers, hence every expression by any person is exclusively an expression of power. Life and communication are power plays that can only be won or lost. Always look for inequality, there can be no equality between persons.
  6. For an individual characterized by more of these ‘negative markers’, means to be oppressed and discriminated against, but also to have more experience and knowledge about the nature of human society. #This means that in all circumstances, people with more negative markers should be listened to, they have a gnosis, a knowledge, that is unattainable by people with less negative markers.
  7. People with less negative markers or more positive markers are privileged, not only in the present time but as a result of past privilege and oppression by people with the same characteristics. Thus, in the present, these groups must atone for the since of their group in the past, and their future descendents will have to atone for the present generation. There is no end to this process.
  8. Any person of privilege who disagrees with the above premises is expressing the emotional distress of being called out for his/her privileges. This distress can be expressed by critique and dissent, which should be seen as a manipulative expression of the desire to remain privileged; or by flight or silence. These persons should be convinced or forced to admit to their privilege and sanctioned if necessary.
  9. Words can hurt, words can kill. The expression of disagreement by persons of privilege is an act of aggression against people without privilege. Dissent is an expression of phobia or hatred and must be suppressed. Therefore, dissent should be policed and sanctioned. In order to obtain diversity and inclusion of the oppressed, we must exclude dissent which is an expression of oppression. The evidence for this can only be the expression of accusations by the oppressed. These expressions are true.
  10. People who are oppressed cannot express phobia and hatred. Any expressions that could be interpreted as such are misinterpretations of liberatory speech.
  11. Any research or research findings that question the truth of these premises must be suppressed, as they are expressions of privilege and hatred.
  12. Asking for evidence and logical reasoning to substantiate accusations are themselves an expression of privilege and oppression.
  13. The remedy against privilege and oppression, is the restoration of equity and equality right now, as understood by the woke movement, by starting processes of equalization, that will never end. All resources, including speech rights, must be allocated according to the markers of group membership.
  14. People with privilege markers must have reduced access to resources and speech rights, and this must start at a very early age, as privilege would otherwise be inculcated during infancy. People of privilege, no matter their age, are oppressors, by virtue of the privileges of their ancestors, whose capabilities of access and contribution must be reduced. Our educational institutions must reflect this reality and must actively educate people about liberation, by suppressing privilege and people with privilege.
  15. People without privilege have the right to express their lived experiences in any form, including expressions of rage, destruction of property, and the occasional expression of personal violence. People without privilege must know when to listen, and when to show their appreciation for the expression of oppression. At no time must they expect to be peers with active expressions of their sentiments, that can only be sentiments of privilege.
  16. The oppression of humanity started mostly 400 years ago, by the people of a particular race, except for gender expression. Previous oppressions, which were done by people who are oppressed, are largely immaterial to an understanding of reality. Today, the system of oppression has reached its apex, there has never been a moment of greater oppression than today.
  17. Sexual differentiation and determinism does not exist; gender identity is the choice of any individual, based on a simple statement that can change at any moment. This is expressed by a choice of pronouns that is obligatory speech for all other people.
  18. Race is the primary expression of differentiation. The mixing of race in interpersonal relationships should be avoided, especially between oppressors and oppressed. Adoption of children of another race should be interpreted as an expression of oppression.
  19. Oppressed groups create cultures and cultural expressions that are their group property. Emulating these cultural expressions is an act of theft and cultural appropriation by privileged groups and should be discouraged and sanctioned.
  20. Individuals within these groups should express the culture of their group and not express the cultural and political ideas expressed by people and cultures of privilege. Identity is above all determined by the group and is political. If you disagree with these premises, then your biological markers do not quality you for membership of the group.
  21. People of privilege are socialized in a culture of privilege, and their expressions should be maximally interpreted as statements of power and contempt. They should be educated into the details of potential micro-aggressions and practice internal policing of the tone and expression of their speech and thinking.
  22. People of privilege should always be humble and listen to people with less privilege. In group settings of people without privilege, they should only speak if asked so. Since they are the oppressors, they should see themselves as equals in such group settings, but as people that must atone.
  23. In any group meetings, anti-privilege processes should hold sway. This means that the people with the least privilege, should at all times have priorities in terms of speech rights and allocation of other resources.
  24. To avoid oppression, inter-group relations should be segregated. Meetings should be held between people of the same group characteristics as otherwise, privilege would intimidate the free expression of feelings of oppression. The ideal society without privilege, should be organized as a system where every individual belongs to the proper intersectional group, and receives societal resources according to their membership in these groups. These groups should maximally organize themselves without interference and contact with other groups, especially groups with privilege.
  25. Given the length of the period of oppression in the past, it is not realistic to determine the end of this type of societal organization in any foreseeable future. It is for all practical purposes, meant to be the final societal form.
  26. There is however, one form of privilege that should be minimized: the privilege of money and material possessions. Actual oppression and privilege, is primarily marked by race, and then by other biological markers. This should never be forgotten.
  27. Any critique of the above premises, in part or in total, should be actively fought.
  28. When you encounter critique, never forget it is exclusively a matter of power and privilege, that comes from an ill intention. Do not look for any other form of intention as privilege excludes good intentions.
  29. Actively seek out potential hidden expressions of these ill intentions and call them out when you find them. If they are not readily available, seek them out in the online archives of social media. Lack of denunciation of privilege and oppression is a sure sign of ill intent. Never choose any charitable interpretation, as their true intention is hidden, and as a person without privilege, your interpretation will be the right one.