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People who are active for the P2P Foundation in 2016 (*=core team)

For previous years, see also : Founder / Ambassador / Active Wiki Contributors / P2P Foundation People / P2P_Foundation:About#Structure_of_the_P2P_Foundation / Public list of members / what-the P2P Foundation did in 2015 / The P2P/F Ecosystem

Name Surname Country Skills/Tasks
Adeline Philippe France French blog translations
Bollier David Contributor to the Blog
Araya Daniel USA Ambassador
Bauwens* Michel Thaïland/Belgium Founder / Digital Curator
Blaqswans Xavier Australia Research about economy
Brunet Bernard France French blog curation
Burke* James UK/Netherlands Founder / Ambassador / Operations and platform development / Operations and finance steward
Dereva Maïa France French Wiki organization / French blog coordination
Drouillon Philippe France French blog coordination
James Guy Contributor to the Blog
Flanagan* Kevin Ireland Community outreach / Dissemination / Events / Mailing lists / Contributor to the Blog
Kostakis* Vassili Greece Ambassador / Greek Wiki / P2PLab
Lievens* Jean Belgium Ambassador / Active translator in dutch / Co-author of first Belgian-Flemish book on P2P
Maurel Lionel France Expert on reciprocity licenses
Niaros* Vasilis Greece Sustainability steward / P2PLab
O’Dwyer Rachel Commons-oriented researcher
Pazaitis Alex Greece P2PLab
Pinchen Chris UK Community outreach / Dissemination / Events
Rodriguez* Javier Arturo tech support steward
Stampf Nicolas France French Wiki writing
Travlou Penny Commons-oriented researcher, Contributor to the Blog
Trèfle Céline France Research about economy
Troncoso* Stacco Spain Strategic Direction Steward. Editor: Commons Transition, P2P Foundation Blog EN
Utratel* Ann Marie organizational strategy, project and web design, communication strategy.

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