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right hand side

  • delete newsletter feed (done, now need to add new sign up)
  • redo and streamline the blogroll, perhaps maximum 30 links?, and replace by an extensive blog and twitter directory avaiable through our wiki (removed entire blog roll, sent it in file to michel to downsize)
  • add twitter feed (show last 5 tweets - got some server issues oath, asked kester to take a look see >>
  • add Archive category from left side, near the top of right side (done)
  • extend recent comments field a little (more lines per comment)

left side

  • redo P2P Foundation sites subsection; delete french and dutch blog links there (done) ; delete newsletter link(done); add links to Ning and mailing list
  • add delicious feed link ( more than just the link to my mind, the ning example is really good and useful I think )(don't see this on NING site, but do see links to articles on p2p blog and to links of wiki - james)
  • replace interviews, podcasts, webcasts, with Key Updates, I will provide some key links for this resources, please delete the whole section (done, need new content - james)
  • Visit our archive: needs to come on top, or in the right column under the search box (done)
  • Delicous feed (not link): we need a much better way to present this, with more ample info, like we now have in Ning (please show me where delicious links are on ning as i don't see them. i'm worried about information overload if this grows - james)


  • retweet content item (waiting for twitter oauth fix)
  • share this on Facebook (done)


  • I would like to add a link to Key Blog Posts, for a manual selection to be posted there
  • should we move to paragraph only publishing? with link to 'read more', this is a perennial debate, but I'm actually happy with the current format, but open to different opinions ..

==Further Additions

  • essential I think: a calendar application to guide our audience to p2p events


  • can we use google map to identify our network
  • some sites shows where visitors are coming from