Ven. San Pisith

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San Pisith

San Pisith (Sangke Monastery, Battambang, Cambodia) received his BA from International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University, Myanmar, in 2016, and his MA from International Buddhist College, Thailand (Thesis passed with distinction), in 2018. Since September 2019, he has joined the Cosmolocalism team to pursue a PhD at TalTech University, Estonia. He has published or edited about i.e., “Cambodian Buddhists’ Response to the French Protectorate,” “The Contribution of King Asoka to Buddhism,” and “The Buddha’s View on the Influence of Friendship.” Now he is working for Buddhism for Development (BFD) organization as a Social Community Worker who assists the program officer in developing plan, monitoring the human rights program with BFD. He helps the program officer oversee and report program activities on matter relating to the development and management of BFD strategic program.


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