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More than three decades of researching and developing methodologies for learning, collaboration, and knowledge dissemination, Committed to open innovation, sustainability, accessibility, open culture, open data, and the commons, and uses these ideas to support organisations develop agile and participatory cultures. Accompanies the implementation of new ways of working and business models anchored in strategic change.


Proposal (2015-07-20)

  1. Use categories (as classes) to describe what the page is about :
    • Person, Organisation, Documentary Resource, Movement, Concept/Theory, Event, Platform/Software (and may be List, P2P Foundation to manage those contents)
  2. Ideally, transform the categories in semantic properties, according to the List_of_Key_Categories_on_the_P2P_Foundation_Wiki, to boost the search capabilities :
    • Paradigm, Domain (seems the more used in the wiki), PeerDriven, Provisioning, Culture, (others? - some categories appear twice in different sections??)
  3. Country : convert all Category:Belgium to a generic property Country -> Country::Belgium

Ex. : Categories in page Bernard_Lietaer_on_Human_Wealth

Categories : Podcasts | Webcasts | Money

Will keep the Categories but add the following

  • Category:Documentary Resource
  • Type of resource::Webcast
  • Domain::Money

(and I would create a specific page for his bio)

Here's a working document to see what I'm up to : File:Categories-Belgium.ods

Books on P2P

We could add some basic bibliographic info to these pages, at least the Author(s). Can be done by annotation. N= {{#ask:|format=count}} {{#ask:| ?Category|format=table|limit=25}}