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James Burke

James Burke (1971)
I live in Amsterdam, where i run the P2P Foundation together with Michel Bauwens. My role is managing the technology side of the present platform of blogs and wiki while doing the odd bit of writing and editing. I am the official secretary and sort of CTO.

The P2P Foundation is a legal entity registered in the Netherlands under Dutch Law. It is comprised of 5 core members although we rotate annually(actually this has never happened due to not having had any decision-making moments beyond accepting a blog post comment or managing a few unruly users, therefore switching these official roles had no meaning and would cost money and time. When and if this becomes a necessary action, for whatever reason, then we will gladly switch roles and responsibilities). Currently this consists of Michel in Thailand and myself in the Netherlands plus Natalie Pang - in Australia, Salvino Salvaggio - in Quatar and Sam Rose - in the USA comprising our board team.

I am a freelance information architect/experience designer under the moniker,Lifesized working for startups (NARB is actually my own startup, focusing on art]and design agencies. I have also recently been working in the government sector as a strategist and leader in pushing for open architectures and data to improve public services and political transparency guidelines on how to open up government data - site in Dutch. I'm keeping the Netherlands honest in organizing events bringing geeks and civil servants together, Hack the government - site in Dutch).

Before this i founded the Roomware Project with Tijs Teulings and Robert Gaal. We have developed a way to make a room or space more interactive. It's an open-source framework for interactive spaces. It connects a bunch of inputs: from motion detectors and light switches, Bluetooth, RFID, WIFI and produces a simple output that any developer can use to build an application from.

My background
I studied a BA in Archaeology and International Relations at Boston University(incomplete), USA.
Worked as a professional baker and as a chef in restaurants for 6 years including 2 years in the Supperclub
5 years working as a flash animator and coder for design agencies.

Spin Awards 2008 for Best Mobile Concept - for Hyves Party.
Yu-Gi-Oh! GXGroove Room - Time magazine coolest sites 2006!


W: E: Flickr : My Lifestream in Photos