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Highly energetic professional with broad exposure within many contexts, cultures, leadership, and innovation systems. Global experience in infrastructure, Information and Communications Technologies, engineering, social ecosystems, and sustainable progress. Personal strengths include strong analytical and holistic conceptualization skills, linked with results focus and hands on action, sustained through collaboration. Strong developed interpersonal skills and broad networking experience. Lived in urban and rural areas, in Belgium, India, Netherlands, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Gertjan van Stam was born in the Netherlands. From 2003 up to and including 2012, he and his family lived in the rural village of Macha, in the Southern Province of Zambia. Before that he stayed for 2 years in rural Murambinda, Zimbabwe. He has been involved with strategic developments in ICT, in Africa, since 1987. Currently, he is Research Fellow at the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe. His goal is to identify and inspire local talent and introduce appropriate technologies to build the necessary capacity for community-led activities to yield sustainable human development outcomes. His quest is for a logical framework for understanding dynamics of change in African communities and engendering leadership capable of inspiring, initiating, implementing, operating, and scaling up sustainable progress and the use of technology in the local community. Since 2011, Gertjan has volunteered in strategy-making in the IEEE, the largest professional institute in the world. He works on Social Innovation, specifically in ’thought leadership and advocacy’, and is actively involved in serving and providing guidance for students in academic studies. His activities in Zam- bia were featured in IEEE’s The Institute, and his career was documented in an award-winning IEEE video at TryEngineering. The activities in Zambia were shown worldwide though BBC Clicks. Gertjan authored the book Placemark.