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George van der Straten has 35 years experience as founder and manager of recovery programs for addicted people. He has implemented numerous projects and networks nationally and internationally and is a trainer and training designer.

Last experience and achievements of George van der Straten:

• 2012: Founding of "Ecethos" Ltd, supporting the implementation of the learning method MECETT ( ). • 2011: Founder and President of "Ecett-Networks" NGO (Ecett networks for professionals in human centered occupations: social workers, teachers, sector addiction, etc.)

Author and coauthor of numerous books and publications including:

• « MECETT, the Cross-fertilizer », final report of the European project Ecett-Transfer of Innovation 2009-2011. • « Knowledge exchange is knowledge creation », final report of the European project Ecett-Pilot 2006-2008. • “A journey of 35 years among therapeutic communities in Europe”. EWODOR Conference in Barcelona in 2011, 13th International Symposium on Substance Abuse Treatment. Barcelona, 23-25 March 2011Marge Medica Books, Year of publication: 2011 • “A therapeutic community at the boarder of two cultures” in Journal of Therapeutic Comminities, London 2008.

Mother tongue : French Languages used fluently: Dutch, English, Italian. Georges van der Straten, 67 rue de Mons, 1400 Nivelles, Belgium Born in 1950 at Westmeerbeek, Belgium. [email protected] +32 (0)496 28 81 59