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Laboratory of Freedom. An anarcho-positivist initiative in Poland. The mission: to gather, verify, develop and spread practical skills for social self-governance.

The manifesto: BECAUSE

   WE BELIEVE that the current crisis in Europe will be getting worse, dramatically dividing people, the rich from the poor, the privileged from the excluded, the rulers from the ruled ones.
   WE BELIEVE that the so called ‘middle class’ will retain only a few of its privileges, a vast majority will join the ranks of the excluded.
   WE BELIEVE that the political class, despite its official claims, is neither willing nor able to reverse the process, but rather amplifies it to protect its own privileges and political survival.


   Set up a facility to gather, verify and share knowledge and skills needed for free social self-organisation.
   Focus a on practical, technological approach, including soft skills, while staying away from all conflicts, be it ideological, personal or otherwise.
   Get involved full time, as a community, in supporting individuals and groups aiming to leave the social decomposition zone, and to adopt a freedom-oriented lifestyle.
   Co-create an intentional community as a testbed for the solutions we want to research.
   Thus, we created FreeLab – The Laboratory of Freedom.