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  • I'm Christopher Aquilino.

^I'm 25.

  • Town: Peekskill (Westchester), NY. Near NYC.
  • Work: Autodidact (self-taught), volunteering, coaching.
  • Background: Mixed (Puerto Rican/Italian).
  • Mission: To help develop myself, my community and change the world into a better place.
  • Skills: Developing ideas, insights and sharing them. Writing, public speaking, and organizing people with the same values to work on projects together. But most of all, I work on myself, through personal development.

Local Projects and Interests

I particularly focus on helping people of color, the working poor and low-middle class backgrounds; my own background. My hometown is diverse--economically and racially, in particular.

We're working on a community garden, we have a food coop in the area and eventually we'll do garden/land sharing.

With the alternative health practicioners in the surrounding areas, I intend to help expand that to a more integrated healthcare system. And I'm putting together a wifi network, for p2p telephony and internet among other things.

Online Projects/Interests

Creating a P2P Wikis or another type of true p2p collaborative editing/publishing software, like a p2p Etherpad or Apache (Google) Wave. Open/p2p guitar manufacturing.


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