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Here is a record of progress with the Main Page. I'll do it like a vertical Kanban board, with ToDo, InProgress, and Done. Michel you're welcome to add things here or move them if you take action.

To Do

Left Sidebar

  • remove P2P Lab from page
  • remove Dutch language blog

Top of main column

  • remove current video and consider if we need a different one
  • the 3 links with images need checking
  • recent articles and publications needs updating

The 3 column section

Will go over these gradually, and add tasks here.

Beneath the 3 column section

  • three strategic priorities take out date
  • countries is good
  • languages is good
  • partner graphics -- what does partnership mean? Sympathisers?
  • our ecosystem
  • our working partners
  • review wiki neighbours
  • identify any funds that we might have -- who has access to the donation accounts?

In Progess