Trialectical History and the Affirmatization Process

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Mark Whitaker:

"Trialectical history is premised on elites maintaining violently gatekept choices of unrepresentative jurisdictional figurations. Such trialectical history is equally premised on followers of course being unable to formulate more representative pressures, materially and culturally. As a result, this is an ongoing elite hegemonic strategy that is an unrepresentative figuration. Because of a jurisdictional strategy's lack of representation, it encourages internal alliance contradictions to build over time in each jurisdiction both materially and ideologically -- that can pull the alliance/ambivalence within it apart, both between leaders and with followers.

On the contrary to this repeating human/environmental degradative pattern in the trialectical process, a more representative version sometime appears in history, the 'affirmitization process.' The affirmitization process is where jurisdictional arrangements between leaders and followers tend toward greater representation in jurisdictional definitions in some circumstances in history. This can remove the trialectical dynamics and its process of mounting environmental degradation." (