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= "The Token Engineering Commons (TEC) is an open source and collectively governed project that aims to create a token economy that will accelerate the responsible & ethical creation of public goods". [1]


1. "The TE Commons is an intentionally-designed, dynamic relationship between the TEC token holders, the resources they collectively hold, and the protocols that govern their interactions. By protocols, namely, this includes the smart contracts that tokenize the use of funds as well as the culture and social norms of the token holders that use tokens to fund projects." (

2. Kris Decoodt:

"We have an invitation to the community today. We’ve realized that blockchain research and development is a public good as well, it’s also a commons. It’s providing public goods for the entire community to use: it’s non-rivalrous, it’s inclusive, and therefore it falls prey to the free-rider problem as well. We need an ecosystem-funding DAO to push forward token engineering R&D in the blockchain space. Our invitation to the token engineering community is to come together as a DAO once the tech is ready and launch the Token Engineering Commons (TEC). This will be the first commons that we hope will be launched, using the Augmented Bonding Curve. Many of the token engineers today are working separately, getting by on client work, doing token engineering research in their spare time. This work is crucial, and we believe it needs to be done, it will push the ecosystem into the next level of maturity. The Token Engineering Commons will provide a sustainable funding mechanism to unite these researchers around the common cause of maturing this industry. (