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#REDIRECT [[Main Page]]
== Welcome to the P2P Foundation ==
The P2P Foundation is an international organization focused in studying, researching, documenting and promoting peer to peer practices in a very broad sense. This website is our knowledge commons and it's collaboratively build by our community. '''[[P2P Foundation:About|Learn more...]]'''
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'''Towards an Open and Autonomous Internet and Society'''
* Check out [[:Category:P2P_Infrastructure|P2P-oriented Infrastructures]]
* Check out our directory of [http://p2pfoundation.net/Product_Hacking Open Hardware and Open Manufacturing Initiatives]
* Find out how [http://p2pfoundation.net/OccupyWallSteet Occupy Wall Street] and the global [http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:15M_Movements 15M Movements] practice '''the 'peer production of a political commons.'''
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= The Foundation =
== Our Ideas ==
#[[About The Foundation]] [http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:About_the_P2P_Foundation] and its [http://p2pfoundation.net/images/P2pf-research-presentation.pdf research]
#[[Our Understanding of P2P]]
#[[Manifesto]]: P2P and Human Evolution
#The [[P2P Meme Map]]
#Best P2P Essays [http://www.p2pfoundation.net/Essays 1] [http://www.p2pfoundation.net/Essays_2 2]
#[[Bibliography of Michel Bauwens]] on P2P
== Our Key Resources ==
#The P2P [http://blog.p2pfoundation.net Blog]
#[http://www.p2pfoundation.net/Special:Recentchanges What’s New in the Wiki]
#[http://p2pfoundation.net/Special:Recentchanges/title=Special:Recentchanges&feed=rss Wiki RSS Feed]
#[http://www.youtube.com/blogs/id/BnCM3jAs2KA Youtube video-feed]
== Learning More ==
#[http://astore.amazon.com/p2pfoundation-20 P2P Bookstore]
#[[P2P Foundation Participation in Scientific Symposia]]
#'''[[P2P Seminars]] & ([[Testimonials]])'''
#[[Our Expert Database]]
#[http://video.google.com.au/videoplay?docid=4549818267592301968&hl=en-AU Watch this P2P lecture!]
#[http://www.p2pfoundation.net/Michel_Bauwens_on_Peer_to_Peer Listen to this Podcast]
#[http://poynder.blogspot.com/2006/09/p2p-very-core-of-world-to-come.html Read this Interview]
== Who We Are ==
*[[P2P Foundation People|Members]]
*[[:Category:ActiveContributor|Wiki Active Contributors]]
==Internal Wiki Pages==
#Check them out [http://p2pfoundation.net/Category:Internal here]
==Join our learning community!==
#[[P2P Foundation Email Lists]]
#[[P2P Foundation RSS Feeds]]
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=  Topics =
'''We are looking for maintainers for our subject pages! Interested?'''
==The P2P Paradigms==
#[[:Category:Peerproduction | Peer Production]] via [[:Category:Open | Open and Free Input]]
#[[:Category:Peergovernance | Peer Governance]] via [[:Category:Participation | Participatory Processes]]
#[[:Category:Peerproperty | Peer Property]] via [[:Category:Commons | Commons Output]]
See also:
* [[:Category:Cooperation | Cooperation]] and [[:Category:Sharing | Sharing]]
==The Three Aspects of Application in Society==
#[[:Category:Civil Society | P2P Civil Society Approaches]]
#[[:Category:P2P Market Approaches | P2P Market Approaches]]
#[[:Category:P2P State Approaches | P2P State Approaches]]
==The Peer-Driven Collaborative and Ethical Economy==
#[[:Category:Collaborative Economy | Collaborative Economic Practices]]
#[[:Category:Open Company Formats | Using New Open Company Formats]]
#[[:Category:Sharing | Mutualizing Infrastructures]]
#[[:Category:Business Models | with Open Business Models]]
#[[:Category:Peerfunding | through Crowdfunding and P2P Finance]]
#[[:Category:P2P Accounting | based on P2P Value Metrics]]
#[[:Category:P2P Law | enabled through Legal Infrastructure]]
#[[:Category:P2P Infrastructure | and True P2P Technological Infrastructure]]
#[[:Category:Design | using Shared Innovation Commons]] for [[:Category:Manufacturing | Open and Distributed Manufacturing]]
==New P2P Culture==
#[[:Category:Art | Art]]
#[[:Category:Intelligence | Collective Intelligence]]
#[[:Category:Culture | Culture]]
#[[:Category:Education | Education and Learning]]
#[[:Category:Facilitation | Group Facilitation]]
#[[:Category:Media | Media]]
#[[:Category:Relational | P2P Relationships]]
#[[:Category:Spirituality | Spirituality]]
==Domains of Application==
#[[:Category:Agrifood | Agriculture and Food]]
#[[:Category:Ecology | Ecology and Sustainablity]]
#[[:Category:Economics | Economics]]
#[[:Category:Energy | Energy]]
#[[:Category:Gaming | P2P Gaming and 3D Metaverses]]
#[[:Category:Geography | Geography and Mapping]]
#[[:Category:Money | Money and Finance]]
#[[:Category:Music | Music]]
#[[:Category:Licensing | Licensing]]
#[[:Category:Standards | Open Standards]]
#[[:Category:Policy | Policy]]
#[[:Category:Politics | Politics]]
#[[:Category:Science | Science]]
#[[:Category:Security | Security and Warfare]]
#[[:Category:Taxation | Taxation]]
#[[:Category:Technology | Technology]]
#[[:Category:Transportation | Transportation]]
#[[:Category:Villages | P2P Villages]] & [[:Category:Urbanism | Cities]]
==How P2P Influences Society==
#[[:Category:Business | Overview of P2P in Business]]
#[[:Category:Governance | Overview of P2P in Governance]]
#[[:Category:IP | P2P and Intellectual Proprety]]
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= Resources =
[[:Category:Cases | Case Studies]]
[[:Category:Companies | Companies]] with P2P business models
[[:Category:Conferences | Conferences]] on P2P topics
[[:Category:Courses | Curricula]]
[[:Category:Encyclopedia | Encyclopedia]] : '''New!''' [http://p2pfoundation.net/P2P_Companion_Concepts Mini-version]
[[:Category:Events Calendar | Events Calendar]]
[[:Category:Individuals | Individuals]], Who's Who in P2P
[[:Category:Movements | Movements]], P2P and commons-rriented org's
[[:Category:Reference | Reference]]
[[:Category:Research | Research]] on P2P
[[:Category:Resources | Resources]] and tools
[[:Category:Statistics | Statistics]] on P2P trends
== Media Resources ==
[[:Category:Articles | Articles]] on P2P topics
[[:Category:Books | Books]] on P2P topics
[[:Category:Fiction | Fiction]] with P2P themes
[[:Category:Graphics | Graphics]] to use in presentations
[[:Category:Podcasts | Podcasts and Audio]]
[[:Category:Webcasts | Webcasts and Video]]
== Special Individual Projects ==
We're urgently looking for female-led projects for this space!
#[[:Category:EthicalEconomy | Adam Arvidsson's Ethical Economy]]
#[[:Category:Community Economics | Allen Butcher's Community Economics]]
#[[:Category:OpenCapital | Chris Cook's Open Capital approach]]
#[[:Category:User Owned | Patrick Anderson's User Ownership Theory]]
#Péter Mázsa's [[Free Tax Project‎]]
#Robert Searle's [[Transfinancial Economics]]
#Thomas Kalka's [[:Category:Paradigms | Key P2P Concepts]]
#[[:Category:Synergy | Timothy Wilken's Synergic Projects]]
== Other P2P Foundation Projects ==
#[[Collaboration Platform Projects]]: cooperation for social action
#[[Core Peer-2-Peer Collaboration Principles]] - Initiator Ryan Lanham
#[[Distributed Manufacturing Collaborative Platforms]]: open design and distributed manufacturing platforms
#[[List of P2P Researchers]] - preparation for launch of a [[P2P Research Group]]
#[[List of European Policy Consultants]] - Celia Blanco
#[[Participatory Spirituality Conference]]
#[[P2P Cities]]: open cities
#[[P2P Public Intellectuals]]
#[[P2P Theory Books]]
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== [[:Category:Languages|Languages]] ==
[[Catalan-Language]] ; [[Chinese-Language]] - [[Croation-Language]] - [[:Category:Dutch | Dutch-Language]] - [[:Category:French | French-Language]] - [[German language | German-Language]] - [[Greek-Language]] - [[Hungarian-Language]] - [[Italian-Language]] - [[Latvian-Language]] - [[Malayalam-Language]] - [[Mongolian-Language]] - [[Polish-Language]] - [[Portuguese-Language]] - [[Russian-Language]] - [[Spanish-Language]] - [[Swedish-Language]] - [[Thai-Language]]
=== Country Resources ===
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| width='40%' valign='top'|
[[Egypt]] [[Morocco]] [[Kenya]] [[South Africa]] [[Zimbabwe]]
[[Arab Countries]]
[[Bangladesh]] [[Burma]] [[Cambodia]] [[China]] [[Hong Kong]] [[India]] [[Japan]] [[Malaysia]] [[Nepal]] [[Pakistan]] [[Philippines]] [[Singapore]] [[South Korea]] [[Taiwan]] [[Thailand]]
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====[[Central and South America]]====
[[Argentina]]  [[Brazil]] [[Chili]]  [[Colombia]] [[Ecuador]] [[Mexico]] [[Peru]] [[Uruguay]] [[Venezuela]]
[[Austria]] [[Belgium]] [[Bulgaria]] [[Finland]] [[France]] [[Germany]] [[Greece]] [[Ireland]] [[Italy]] [[Netherlands]] [[Poland]] [[Portugal]] [[Russia]]  [[Spain]] [[Sweden]] [[UK]] [[Ukraine]]
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====[[North America]]====
[[Canada]] [[United States]]
[[Australia]] [[New Zealand]]
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| colspan="2"|
== Our aims ==
| width="45%" |
'''We function as a clearinghouse for open/free, participatory/p2p and commons-oriented initiatives.'''
We aim to be a pluralist network to document, research, and promote peer to peer alternatives. Our political aims could be summarized under the following maxims:
# ending the destruction of the biosphere by abandoning the dangerous conceptions of pseudo-abundance in the natural world (i.e. based on the assumption that natural resources are infinite);
# promoting free cultural exchange by abandoning the innovation-inhibiting conceptions of pseudo-scarcity in the cultural world (i.e. based on the assumption that the free flow of culture needs to be restricted through excessive copyrights etc...).
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'''Can we help you? How to support us?'''
#[[How you can help us?]]; [[How To Contribute]]; [[Help:Editing|How to Write for our Wiki]]; [[P2P Foundation Wiki Requested Articles]]
# '''We are conducting [[P2P Seminars]] to assist individuals, organizations and society at large in their efforts to adapt to the new participative world''' based on social innovation. See the [[Testimonials]] page for some reactions. And here is a version of our slide presentation at [http://www.slideshare.net/farsam/web-politics-20 Slideshare]
#Support the P2P Foundation by buying your books at our [http://astore.amazon.com/p2pfoundation-20 Bookstore]
#[[Why is participation to the P2P Foundation not totally open?]]
#[[Important notice on COPYRIGHT]]: '''Fair Use Notice'''
== What our visitors are interested in ==
Currently this wiki contains
* '''{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} content pages''' with {{NUMBEROFEDITS:R}} total editions.
*  '''{{NUMBEROFUSERS:R}} registered users'''
This wiki have been visited more than '''17,635,206'''; our home page was visited 837,380  times. (updated January 11, 2012)
See [http://topsy.com/s?q=P2P+Foundation] and [http://topsy.com/s?q=Michel+Bauwens] for an insight into our influence through retweets.
===Our 15 Most Popular Articles===
<TopTenPages offset=1>15</TopTenPages>
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