Territories of Commons

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Jose Luis Vivero Pol:

" we presented a policy brief on "Territories of Commons" during the last ECA meeting. During the event, a small group of commoners, researchers and practitioners decided to move forward on the topic.

There is a list in progress where people and institutions working with territorial commons could write their contact details to have a database and network.


The idea is to organise a gathering of European Territories of Commons during 2017, and we need to explore where, how, when and with which support." (Commonswatch mailing list, December 2016)


* Territories of Commons in Europe: pivotal for food production, nature stewardship, heritage maintenance and climate mitigation. By . European Commons Assembly, 2016.

URL = https://www.researchgate.net/publication/309859533_Territories_of_Commons_in_Europe_pivotal_for_food_production_nature_stewardship_heritage_maintenance_and_climate_mitigation

"The “Territories of Commons” provide innovative and customary solutions by the European people to solve the multiple crises Europe is facing these days (values, democracy, biodiversity, food, water, energy, rural depopulation). These territories produce essentials for human survival (water, food, air), they are important pieces of the European cultural heritage, people living and working there are the best stewards of Nature and biodiversity, food systems in those areas are better adapted than industrial food production to mitigation and adaptation to climate change effects, and the collective management practices applied to food systems and natural resources are fine-tuned to increase resilience, adaptability and production of valuable goods and services. In that sense, the traditional management of the commons, quite aligned with agro-ecological practices and direct and decentralized democratic practices, presents a feasible transition pathway and alternative narrative in the quest of sustainability and fairness to all Europeans and Nature. This document presents normative, political, legal and financial proposals to EU institutions on how can those territories be supported to thrive."