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This template is for use in re-using sections from around the wiki. We are trying to make it easier to collaborate on the wiki by taking a modular approach to complex topics.

You can find out more about creating custom sections for re-use in the P2P Foundation Wiki LST help page. Once you have created a section you can use this template to "paste" or "call" that section from the original article.

This helps by reducing redundancy because the "called" section remains in the original location where more than one editor might be interesting in keeping it current.

Using the template looks like this:


1 is the name of the page where the section you want to call is located 2 is the name of the section within that page that you wish to call

Here's what it looks like completed:


This will tell the wiki to look at the Transparency page and fetch the "Intro" section.

You will need to define the "Intro" section before hand. Instructions for doing so are on the the P2P Foundation Wiki LST page.

When you use this template, as described above in the example for the Transparency page Intro, this is what happens: