Telecommunications Reclaimed

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* Book: Telecommunications Reclaimed: a hands-on guide to networking communities. Edited by Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay and Félix Tréguer. Netcommons, 2020

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"This book is a guide on how to build a community network, a shared local telecommunications infrastructure, managed as a commons, to access the internet and other digital communications services. It was written collectively by a group of community network pioneers in Europe, activists and researchers during a writing residency week held in Vic, Catalonia in October 2018. It was a time of hard work and fast writing, but also of discussions in a friendly environment.

Meant for a wide audience, the book includes practical knowledge illustrated by several hands-on experiences – a set of 32 real- life stories – as well as legal, technical, governance, economic and policy material extracted from netCommons, a three-year- long research project supported by the European Commission. Its goal is to guide the reader through a set of actions aimed at setting up and fostering the growth of a community network, but also, for policy makers, local administrations and the general public, to create the right conditions to let community networks bloom and flourish."

More information

  • Belli, L., B. de Souza Ramos, P. Antoniadis, V. Aubrée, R. Baig Viñas, A. Dadoukis, P. Dini, M. Dulong de Rosnay, N. Echániz, K. Heimerl, et al., The community network manual : how to build the Internet yourself, : FGV Direito Rio, 2018.