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took many edits and 15 minutes to make the categories reappear, they were invisible in the previous version

the diff shows you have removed a great deal of useful formatting, Michel, and in the process have set the article back.
I understood from your email that you had a couple issues with the editing. From looking at your edits it appears that you removed the citations from the paragraph as well as a few dead links. I will wait for a response from the list, but I will probably put the "more Information" section back into the page.
I wrote a document outlining formatting and citation conventions which attempted to capture your formatting rules along with other possibilities like using the cite extension. This is outlined in Help:Using Citations. If you would like to share additional conventions for review that's a good place to do it. I see that I placed in that Help:Using Citations article a best effort at capturing your convention, and also added in the cite convention.
If you only allow one way of formatting articles on the wiki I do believe that you as a member of the P2P Foundation Board of Directors have the ability to close logins for the site to insure that others do not use any other means of loading articles. Until then I hope we can look at some options for different ways of doing things that you can understand and use like what is outlined on the Help:References page. --Alex Rollin 08:45, 9 August 2010 (UTC)