Stephen Hinton

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Stephen Hinton started out as a Science Teacher, went over to management training and then Program Management in an international telecommunications company. His last assignment was as Managing Director of the sustainable drinking water solutions company, Purity AB.

He is now working as a change agent to promote activities towards sustainability, publishing the blog with the same name as the book. Stephen teaches the techniques of Imagestreaming including their application to innovative approaches to sustainable development.

He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

He writes about:

  • Breaking free from passive consumerism to becoming an active part of a prosperous community
  • Designing work to be rewarding, fun and sustainable
  • Rethinking the economic system
  • The inner journey of sustainability
  • Drawing on our innate, innovative abilities to create a wonderful life for ourselves
  • Giving “business as usual” a cold, hard look to understand what the end of the industrial age means for all of us
  • The science and technology of sustainability