Stephen Hinton

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"Since leaving Ericsson in 2002, Stephen has been developing ways for organisations to take the lead in sustainable development. Starting with addressing resource shortages as limits to growth, he went on to work with envisioning techniques to develop a vision of the sustainable future and then to practical implementation of a range of instruments from city walking maps to flexible pollutant fees. Stephen was one of the founders of the Transition movement in Sweden, an original member of the Humanitarian Water and Food management team, and the co-founder of the Swedish Eco-village, Änggärdet. Stephen is often engaged to speak on topics such as moving away from an industrial mindset, transitioning away from fossil fuels, co-creation and new financial possibilities as well as the inner transition accompanying the move from consuming to co-producing.

The overall subject is financial permaculture."

More Information

  • The Community Finance Canvas: commoning in practice is one methodology in the toolkit aimed at intentional communities or commons initiatives.