Statistical Studies of Peer Production

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The domain ( is dedicated to DIY community surveys. We provide tools for P2 communities to make surveys to gain knowledge about motivations and activities of community members.


Different aspects of this domain can be summed to include three parts

  • We provide open source survey platform (limesurvey) for different P2 communities (such as hackerspace, makerspaces and diybio) to conduct surveys among members.
  • Analysed results of surveys are provided under some Commons license (you choose). Most of the results are written to blogs which are linked to ‘Results’ section.
  • We require that all collected data will be open sourced. That means access for all and to all data. You can donwload all survey data and do your analysis!



  • We use LimeSurvey for surveys.


  • Links to LimeSurvey documentation and how to use it for longitudinal research.

Ideas, what next?

Put here ideas about how to develop Statistical Studies of Peer Production: what to discuss? how to discuss? What's missing etc...

  • idea here...