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  • ...ogies as a Way to Increase Community Participation: the Cidade de Deus Web Portal Case.''' By Celso Alexandre Souza de Alvear, Michel Thiollent
    304 bytes (41 words) - 08:34, 2 January 2012
  • '''= essential reference point for the Spanish-speaking free software community''' ...m, and an essential reference point for the Spanish-speaking free software community. For almost a decade, he has taken part in various initiatives on the socia
    907 bytes (139 words) - 20:32, 5 January 2016
  • ...nd you will be able to find the most current version of these Terms on the Portal. By agreeing to the Terms you agree to abide by the future revisions as wel ...tion available on its Portal, either pre-existing or generated by the OSDD community, or during the drug discovery process or otherwise, without contributing th
    2 KB (314 words) - 00:28, 30 December 2008
  • "Portal of Greek Ubuntu community working on localisation and application extension for Ubuntu OS. ...u is a complete desktop Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support.
    716 bytes (105 words) - 15:30, 26 November 2012
  • One Community: ...munity (and with others around the world) we will develop this page as the portal detailing comprehensive open source project-launch blueprinting specifics n
    663 bytes (83 words) - 04:03, 6 November 2013
  • '''= "community events that educate Detroiters about the city’s new open data portal and what data justice can look like. This series is part of a two-year rese "The Detroit Community Technology Project in collaboration with the Detroit Digital Justice Coalit
    2 KB (250 words) - 07:00, 27 December 2016
  • ...laborative development of community-led projects. This website serves as a portal for users and developers to share their ideas and contribute to project dev
    564 bytes (75 words) - 00:57, 6 November 2011
  • NGOs; the media (television, radio, and the press); and in general, the community involved and interested in knowing more about ICTs for development. '''About the Portal'''
    3 KB (454 words) - 00:40, 21 November 2013
  • ...oceed, so Cultivo would be a portal to present the projects to the private community."
    793 bytes (112 words) - 03:30, 6 January 2012
  • The CulturaEduca is a free open portal that aims to contribute to the production and exchange of methodologies tha ...mote the pedagogical approach to the real interests of the schools in your community.
    870 bytes (123 words) - 01:29, 21 December 2012
  • * [ Linux.Thai.Net] - the very first portal of Thai Linux users/developers ...enter in Bangkok. Offering the Linux/Opensource Software training courses, community support and useful resources.
    3 KB (405 words) - 07:05, 12 July 2015
  • ...r archiving and creating a repository of ‘grey literature’, especially for community-based organisations. We believe that with collective learning, the empowerm ...ed for many organizations. Sharing of South–South knowledge will help many community-based organizations improve their practice. Access to this knowledge by the
    3 KB (397 words) - 22:48, 13 May 2012
  • ...e: Paprika’s Mac and iPad apps, MacGourmet’s Mac App, and KeepRecipes’ web portal. I discovered they’re all great services for saving and cataloging specif KeepRecipes is both a recipe library and a community cooking portal. You can enter your own creations or cut and paste recipes manually into it
    2 KB (349 words) - 03:57, 6 January 2012
  • ...nded BayShare last year with Jesse Biroscak during her work as Shareable’s Community Manager, shared the podium with Mayor Lee and others to explain the partner ...tives from sharing businesses; the city’s established emergency management community which includes San Francisco’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT
    3 KB (388 words) - 15:51, 23 June 2013
  • overlapping interaction (between the community and local government) to provide a physical portal (tangible/ambient) that facilitates this
    1 KB (169 words) - 13:55, 29 March 2010
  • =Music Portal= ...called, SONG STORM, helps to accomplish that mission by providing a music portal for artists, authors and musicians seeking to enlarge their fan base."
    4 KB (706 words) - 04:40, 17 August 2008
  • ...mpathy and compassion. We do this through a variety of means. First is by community organizing. We bring people together and hold in-person and online meeting We are also a portal for resources and information about the values of empathy and compassion. T
    1 KB (202 words) - 11:26, 30 December 2013
  • * ''[[Community CarShare]]'' * ''[[Straw Bale Village Open Source Portal]]''
    2 KB (369 words) - 13:26, 10 August 2016
  • stakeholders. Kashless, Inc. operates a demonstration ReCommerce reuse portal at, white label versions of the platform in SAAS model, and a
    1 KB (211 words) - 11:26, 25 November 2009
  • * the easy and inclusive access through the use of a local captive portal launched automatically when one joins the network; ...between those in physical proximity, and collective action by building the community network
    2 KB (244 words) - 07:21, 10 January 2016

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