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  1. (Re)localization
  2. /index.php
  3. 1.2 GNU/Linux et le Logiciel Libre (en bref)
  4. 100 P2P Projects in the Global South
  5. 100 Point Open Source Projects
  6. 13 Open Source Hardware Companies Making $1 Million or More
  7. 15-Minute Cities
  8. 15Hack
  9. 15M Movement Tactics
  10. 15MpaRato
  11. 15 May Revolution
  12. 15 October
  13. 1619 Project
  14. 16 Social Features at Amazon
  15. 1BOG
  16. 2.0 Concepts
  17. 2.2. Explaining the Emergence of P2P technology
  18. 2.3.A. Placing P2P in the context of the evolution of technology
  19. 2.3.B. P2P and Technological Determinism
  20. 2. Bibliography of the Manuscript
  21. 2007 wordt crowdsourcen en peer-to-peer
  22. 2012 Madison Cooperative Business Conference
  23. 20 Theses against Green Capitalism
  24. 21st Century Big Data Socialism
  25. 21st Century Culture of Manufacturing in Australia
  26. 21st Century Governance as a Complex Adaptive System
  27. 21st Century Socialism
  28. 21st Century Socialism - Venezuela
  29. 22nd Chaos Communication Congress 2005
  30. 26 Propositions on Networking, Labour and Solidarity
  31. 2BeLinked
  32. 3-Tiered Typology of Sustainable Development
  33. 3.1.B. The Communism of Capital, or, the cooperative nature of cognitive capitalism
  34. 3.1.C. The Hacker Ethic or ‘work as play’
  35. 3.2 Explaining the Emergence of P2P Economics
  36. 3.3 Placing the P2P Era in an evolutionary framework
  37. 3.4 Placing P2P in an intersubjective typology
  38. 3000 Acres - Map
  39. 33Flatbush
  40. 360 Degree Geotagged Photos
  41. 3D Bioprinting
  42. 3D Fabbing
  43. 3D Hubs
  44. 3D Mud House Printing
  45. 3D Printed Car
  46. 3D Printers for Peace
  47. 3D Printing Files Marketplaces
  48. 3D Printing Revolution Film
  49. 3D Scanner
  50. 3D Slicer
  51. 3D Solar Sinter Prints on Sand
  52. 3Ducation Project
  53. 3GO
  54. 4Chan, WikiLeaks and the Silent Protocol Wars
  55. 4Cs Social Media Framework
  56. 4G Open Patent Alliance
  57. 4L and 4C Participation Models in Virtual Communities
  58. 4P Model of Ownership and Governance
  59. 4chan
  60. 4i Commons Management Framework
  61. 4th Inclusiva - Kirsty Bolye and Catarina Mota - openMaterials
  62. 4th Inclusiva - Kirsty Boyle
  63. 4th Inclusiva - Kirsty Boyle & Catarina Mota - openMaterials
  64. 57 Democratic Innovations from Around the World
  65. 60 Minutes on Google
  66. 7D-Value
  67. 8chan
  68. 99 Designs
  69. 99 Percent
  70. 99 Theses on the Revaluation of Value
  71. ABIS Protocol
  72. ACChain
  73. ACTA
  74. ADB Open Data Platform
  75. ADDress - Japan
  76. AI Ethics Guidelines Global Inventory
  77. AI Index
  78. ALabs
  79. ANBI
  80. API
  81. ARC2020 Roadmap for Commons-Oriented European Agricultural Policy
  83. AST Group
  84. AUEB Network Economics and Services Group
  85. A for Anything
  86. A l'école du partage
  87. A quoi sert le travail
  88. A survey of peer-to-peer content distribution technologies
  89. Aaron Bastani on the Utopian Horizons of Fully Automated Luxury Communism
  90. Aaron Makaruk on the Open Source Ecology Project
  91. Aaron Perzanowski and Jason Schultz on the End of Ownership in the Internet of Things Era
  92. Aaron Swartz
  93. Aaron Swartz on Peer To Peer, Digital Rights Management and Web 2.0
  94. Abigail Hunt and Peter Nolan on What the Gig Economy Means for Workers Rights
  95. Abraham Maslow's Eupsychian Society, Education, and Management
  96. Abs-Tract Organization
  97. Absencing vs Presencing
  98. Absolute Decoupling
  99. Abstract vs. Concrete Labour
  100. Abundance Logic
  101. Abundance Protocol as a Prosocial Coordination Protocol for the Planet
  102. Abundance Within Planetary Boundaries
  103. Abundant Community
  104. Abuse of Open Licenses
  105. Academany
  106. Academia’s Culture of Fear
  107. Academic Open-Access Repositories
  108. Academic Proletariat
  109. Academic Punishment, Political Discrimination, and Self-Censorship
  110. Academic Social Networking
  111. Academic Torrents
  112. Academic and Other Research on P2P-Related Topics
  113. Acampadasol
  114. Accelerando
  115. Accelerating Transformations to Sustainable Food Systems
  116. Access Controlled
  117. Access P2P
  118. Access Trumps Ownership
  119. Access to Full Chapter, with endnotes
  120. Access to Land
  121. Access to Tools
  122. Accidental Influential
  123. Accorderie
  124. Accountability 21
  125. Accounting Blockchain Coalition
  126. Accounting Principles for a Participatory Economy
  127. Accumulation by Contamination
  128. Accumulation by Dispossession
  129. Acequias
  130. Achievement-Based Societies
  131. Ackerman, Frank
  132. Acquaintanceship
  133. ActLab TV
  134. Action Foresight Global Swarm
  135. Action Leadership as a Participatory Paradigm
  136. Action Plan for Copyright Reform and Culture in the XXIst Century
  137. Actipedia
  138. ActivMob Health Platform
  139. ActiveCollab
  140. Active Blogosphere
  141. Active Public Space
  142. Activism-Hacking-Artivism Camping - Italy
  143. Activism Without Leadership
  144. Activitism
  145. Actor System Model of Computation
  146. Acts of Sharing
  147. Ad-Hoc Teams
  148. Ad Blocking
  149. Ad Hoc Company Superstructures
  150. Ad Hoc Mobile Networks
  151. Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
  152. Ada Colau, Barcelona's New Mayor, on Spain's Political Revolution
  153. Adad
  154. Adam B. Coleman on the Dangers of the Victimhood Narrative
  155. Adam Black on Providing Internet Bandwidth Through Collaborative Consumption
  156. Adam Frey on Wikispaces
  157. Adam Greenfield on Networked Urbanism
  158. Adam Greenfield on Smart Cities
  159. Adam Greenfield on the Emotional Aspects of Living in the Networked City
  160. Adam Hyde on FLOSS Manuals
  161. Adam Hyde on Open Web Book Sprints
  162. Adam Penenberg on Is Google Evil
  163. Adam Webb on Deep Cosmopolitanism
  164. Adama Dembélé
  165. Adapting Commons Regimes for Biological Information
  166. Adaptive Co-Management
  167. Additer
  168. Adem
  169. Adjacent Possible
  170. Adobe stapt in p2p-distributie
  171. Adolph Reed on Identity Politics and Inequality
  172. Adoption-Led Market
  173. Adrian Bowyer on 3D Printers
  174. Adriana Cronin-Lukas on How Blogging is Affecting Corporations
  175. Adrianne Jeffries on the Early Travails of Bitcoin
  176. Adrienne Russell on Networked Journalism
  177. Advanced Renewable Tariffs
  178. Advantages of Decentralization
  179. Advantages of Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition
  180. Adversary Systems
  181. Advertizing by the Masses
  182. Advocacy Organizations for Open Access
  183. Advogado on the Mechanics of Reputation
  184. Advogados Ativistas
  185. Aether
  186. Aethogenesis
  187. Affective Capitalism
  188. Affective Commons
  189. Affective Commons of Coworking
  190. Affero Project
  191. Affinity Politics
  192. Affordable DIY Solar and Wind
  193. African American Cooperative Movement
  194. African Commons Project
  195. African Copyright and Access to Knowledge Project
  196. African Fabbers
  197. African Social Technology Blogs
  198. Afrimesh
  199. AfterTV on the Future of Music
  200. After Hegemony
  201. After TV on Web Conservatism
  202. AgStack Foundation
  203. Against the Internet-Centric Totalizing Anti-Hierarchy and Anti-Centralization Ideology
  204. Agalmics
  205. Agape
  206. Agata Bielik-Robson on Positively Embracing the Finitude of Life
  207. Age du Peer
  208. Age of Deleveraging
  209. Age of Perfect Capitalism
  210. Agency, Resistance, and Orders of Dissent in Contemporary Social Movements
  211. Agenda Colaborativa de Porto Alegre
  212. Agenda P2P Foundation France
  213. Agent-Centric Computing
  214. Aggregator
  215. Agnieszka Pokrywka
  216. Agonistic Giving
  217. Agonistic Politics
  218. Agora99
  219. Agora Collective
  220. Agorakit
  221. Agorism
  222. Agorist Radio's Cypherpunkd Podcast Interview Series
  223. Agrarian Class Structures and the Origins of Capitalism
  224. Agrarian Commons Model
  225. Agreement-Based Governance
  226. Agri POD
  227. Agricultural Sustainability for Bioregionalism in the San Francisco Bay Watershed
  228. Agriculturalism in China
  229. Agro-Ecology
  230. Agro Biogenics
  231. Ahmed Shihab-Eldin and Adel Iskandar on Social Media in Palestine after the Arab Spring
  232. Aid Transparency
  233. Aigrain, Philippe
  234. Aiki Framework
  235. AirJaldi Summit 2006
  236. Airbnb and Gentrification Through the Sharing Economy
  237. Airesis
  238. Airtasker
  239. Aizu Power Cooperative in Fukushima
  240. Akasa Visioning Project
  241. Akasha Foundation
  242. Akseli Virtanen and Jorge Lopez on Protocols for Crypto-Economic Networks
  243. Akseli Virtanen on Designing Post-Capitalism with the Economic Space Agency
  244. Akseli Virtanen on the Economic Grammar for Post-Capitalism
  245. Akshaya
  246. Aktivdemokrati - Sweden
  247. Al Jazeera's The Stream on Protest Currencies
  248. Al Jazeera Documentary on the Indignants
  249. Al Jeffery on the Coliving Experience of Base in Melbourne
  250. Al Maoon
  251. Alan Bennett and Keith Bergelt on Patent Pools
  252. Alan Cox on the State of Free Software in 2007
  253. Alan Moore on Community and Identity
  254. Alan Moore on How Communities Change How We Create Culture
  255. Alanna Hartzok on Why the Earth Belongs to Everyone
  256. Alanna Irving on Tools for Radical Financial Collaboration
  257. Alanna Krause on Enspiral's Ethical Economy
  258. Alastair Fuad-Luke
  259. Alastair Parvin on the Future of Regulation and Governance of the Urban in an Era of Open Systems
  260. Albasol
  261. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
  262. Albert-Laszlo Barabasi on Networks of Human Activity
  263. Albert Bartlett on the Exponential Function in Climate and Energy
  264. Albert Canigueral
  265. Albert Cañigueral
  266. Alberto Cottica on Designing Collective Intelligence
  267. Alchemy
  268. Alchemy of Change
  269. Alcoress
  270. Ale Fernandez
  271. Alejandro Andreu Isábal
  272. Alex Grech
  273. Alex Pentland on Reality Mining for Network Signals
  274. Alex Rivera on Dronification
  275. Alex Steffen on the Shareable Future of Cities
  276. Alex Steffen on the Sharing Economy
  277. Alexander Bard and Andrew Sweeny on the Exodus from the Old Empire
  278. Alexander Bard on Syntheism and the Paths Ahead for Spirituality in the 21st Century
  279. Alexander Bard on Syntheism and the Syntheist Movement
  280. Alexander Bard on Technology Gods
  281. Alexander Bard on the Digital Class Struggle in the 21st Century
  282. Alexander Douglas on the Philosophy Of Debt
  283. Alexander Wissner-Gross on Planetary Scale Intelligence
  284. Alexandria
  285. Alexandria Archive Institute
  286. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  287. Alexis Frasz on Universal Basic Income
  288. Alfons Cornella on the Future as Co-Capitalism
  289. Alfredo Lopez on Radical Techies
  290. Algo-Robotic Systems
  291. Algocracy
  292. Algorithmic Censorship
  293. Algorithmic Fairness
  294. Algorithmic Food Justice
  295. Algorithmic Language - Cuba
  296. Algorithmic Mechanism Design
  297. Algorithmic Policing
  298. Algorithmic Regulation
  299. Algorithmic Scheduling
  300. Algorithms as Regulatory Objects
  301. Algorithms of Oppression
  302. Algorithms to Improve Labor and Union Bargaining Outcomes
  303. Algotransparency
  304. Ali Abunimah on the Electronic Intifada
  305. Alicia Gibb and Ayah Bdeir Explain the Open Source Hardware Revolution
  306. Alicia Gibb on the Status of the Open Source Hardware Movement in 2012
  307. Alignment
  308. Alive in Bagdhad - Documentary
  309. All-State Automated System
  310. AllSeen Alliance
  311. All Street
  312. All for All
  313. All in Common as New Slogan for International Labour
  314. Allee, Verna
  315. Allen Bargfrede and Chris Bavitz on the Rethinking Music Conference
  316. Alliance 21
  317. Alliance Public-Artistes
  318. Alliance for Global Resilience and Regeneration
  319. Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation
  320. Alliance for Public Technology
  321. Alliance for Taxpayers Access
  322. Alliance of Community Trainers
  323. Alliance of the Commons - Greece
  324. Alliance of the Libertarian Left
  325. Allied Media Projects
  326. Allison Clark on Tinkering as a Mode of Knowledge Production
  327. Allison Fine and Katya Andresen on the New Philanthropy
  328. Allison Fine on Digital Tools for Activists
  329. Allison Mills and Joshua Pearce on Why Open Source Hardware Is Important for Science
  330. Allocative and Creative Advantage
  331. Allotments
  332. Aloha
  333. Alpha Lo on Gift Circles
  334. Alt-Labor Movement
  335. Altcoins
  336. Alterglobalization movement sites
  337. Altergrowth
  338. Altermodern
  339. Alternate Collective
  340. Alternate G8 Interview on Open Government with Michel Bauwens
  341. Alternate Reality Games
  342. Alternative Academia
  343. Alternative Currencies and Community Development in Argentina
  344. Alternative Economy
  345. Alternative Education Resource Organization
  346. Alternative Finance Festival
  347. Alternative Forms of Common-Interest Communities
  348. Alternative Freedom
  349. Alternative Incentives for Health and Pharma
  350. Alternative Information Technologies Association - Turkey
  351. Alternative Institutions Rising Post-Corona
  352. Alternative Internet
  353. Alternative Investment Methods
  354. Alternative Left-Libertarian Means of Privatizing State Property
  355. Alternative Models of Ownership
  356. Alternative Modes of Governance
  357. Alternative Modes of Land Tenure and Housing Production in Thailand
  358. Alternative Network Deployments
  359. Alternative Ownership in the US
  360. Alternative Pricing Models
  361. Alternative Progress Indicators
  362. Alternative Regionalisms
  363. Alternative Research and Scholarship Metrics
  364. Alternative Resource Allocation Systems
  365. Alternative Schools in Brazil
  366. Alternative Trade Mandate Alliance
  367. Alternatives Confluence - India
  368. Alternatives Confluence in India
  369. Alternatives to Capitalism Symposium of the Good Society Journal
  370. Alternatives to the Land Value Tax
  371. Alternativet
  372. Althing
  373. Altitude Lens Sickness
  374. Altruism Revolution
  375. Alvaro Maz on Creating Platforms That Catalyse Citizen Oriented Change
  376. Amanda Cahill on Post-Capitalism in the Here and Now
  377. Amanda Jansen
  378. Amanda McDonald Crowley on Open Art and Technology
  379. Amar Kendale on Reshaping Electronics for Connected Health
  380. Amara's Law
  381. Amarok
  382. Amateur Hour Conference Video Transcripts
  383. Amateur Radio Transmissions for Emergencies
  384. Amazon
  385. Amber Case on Cyborg Anthropology
  386. Ambient Awareness
  387. Ambient Findability
  388. Ambiguity of Open Government Concept
  389. American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences
  390. American Technology Worker Cooperatives
  391. Amicable Networks
  392. Amine Ghrabi
  393. Amir Taaki on Bitcoin
  394. Amir Taaki on the Dark Wallet Project and the Decentralization Revolution
  395. Amit Basole on Knowledge Satyagraha and the People’s Knowledge Movement
  396. Amit Basole on the Knowledge Satyagraha People’s Knowledge Movement
  397. Amoeba Organization
  398. Amory Lovins and Robert Rosner on Nuclear and Carbon
  399. Amory Lovins on Climate change, Peak Oil and Energy Autonomy
  400. Amphictyony
  401. Amr Gharbeia on Lessons Learned from Social Networking in Egypt
  402. Amsterdam Connected and Sustainable Work Policy
  403. Amsterdam Plane Crash and the Effects of Democratic News Sharing
  404. Amy Barker on Literary Mash-Ups
  405. Amy Kirschner on the Vermont Sustainable Exchange
  406. Amy Sample Ward on NetSquared
  407. Amy Vickers on the New Business of Collectivism
  408. An Xiao Mina on Internet Street Art and Social Change in China
  409. Ana Miranda
  410. Anagorism
  411. Analysis of Functions and Dysfunctions of Direct Democracy
  412. Analysis of Open Collaboration between Experience Design and Poietic Practice
  413. Analysis of Open Hardware Licensing
  414. Analysis of the Agricultural Cooperative Movement in Greece
  415. Analyzing Andrew Yang’s Basic Income Proposal
  416. Anarchism and Authority
  417. Anarchism as a Mode of Production
  418. Anarchist Economics
  419. Anarchive
  420. Anatomy of the Big Society
  421. Anchor Community Impact Dashboard
  422. Anchor Institutions
  423. Andrea Botero on Infrastructuring the Commons
  424. Andreas Antonopoulos on the Importance of the Bitcoin Protocol
  425. Andreas Antonopoulos on the Power of the Bitcoin Protocol, Not the Currency
  426. Andreas Hartl on the Role of Data in the Growth of Platforms
  427. Andreas Kluth on the New Nomadism
  428. Andreas Niederberger on Constellational Citizenship and the Plurality of Means and Forms of Democratic Participation
  429. Andres Duany on Agricultural Urbanism
  430. Andrew Doyle and Douglas Murray on Woke Activism
  431. Andrew Doyle on Cancel Culture
  432. Andrew Famiglietti on the the Neutral Point of View's Effect on the Moral Economy of Wikipedia
  433. Andrew Hoppin
  434. Andrew Katz on Copyleft Licensing for Hardware
  435. Andrew Lamb
  436. Andrew Lamb on Massive Small Manufacturing for Humanitarian Aid
  437. Andrew Lih on Wikimania 2006
  438. Andrew MacAfee on the Effect of Technological Innovations on the Availability of Jobs
  439. Andrew McAfee About the Modern Uncoupling of Our Prosperity from Resource Consumption
  440. Andrew McAfee about the Modern Uncoupling of Our Prosperity from Resource Consumption
  441. Andrew McAfee on Enterprise 2.0
  442. Andrew McAfee on Entreprise 2.0
  443. Andrew McGettigan and Sean Rillo Racza on the University of Strategic Optimism
  444. Andrew Rasiej of the Personal Democracy Forum on how Technology is Changing Politics
  445. Andrew Rasiej on how Technology has changed Politics
  446. Andrew Simms on No-Growth as New Economic Paradigm
  447. Andrew Tridgell on Patent Defence
  448. Andrew Trusty
  449. Andrianna Natsoulas
  450. Android Developers Union
  451. Android Open Source Project
  452. André Gorz, une vie
  453. Andrés Bernal on the Modern Money Movement
  454. Andy Clark on Extended Mind
  455. Andy Goldring on Time in Permaculture Economies
  456. Andy Jordan Reports on the Berkshare
  457. Andy Jordan on the Coming Currency Revolution
  458. Andy Kaplan-Myrth on Open Textbooks in Canada
  459. Andy Kessler on Technology and the End of Medicine
  460. Andy Morales Coto and Ruth Catlow on Going Beyond the Blokechain
  461. Andy Oram on FLOSS Manuals
  462. Andy Oram on Free and Open Cloud Computing
  463. Aneesh Chopra and Tim O'Reilly on Open Government Infrastructures
  464. Angel Economics
  465. Angelina Russo on the New Spatiality of Cultural and Scientific Communication
  466. Angelo Vermeulen on the Biomodd Project
  467. Anima Mundi
  468. Animals as Persons
  469. Animer Assemblée des communs
  470. Ankinyi Wirranjiki Night Patrol
  471. Ann Pettfor on Financing the Green Transition
  472. Ann Ryan on Commoning Through Community Supported Farming in Ireland
  473. Anna Brodskaya on the Global Redesign Initiative for a Resource-Based Economy
  474. Anna Cowen
  475. Anna De Liddo
  476. Anna Greenspan
  477. Anne Kjær Riecher on the ReDI School of Digital Integration in Berlin
  478. Anne Oliver on New Models for Shared Leadership
  479. Anne Ryan on Enough is Plenty
  480. Anneloes Smitsman and Michel Bauwens on Mental Models for Systems Change
  481. Annotated Bibliography of the Commons
  482. Annuaire Nouvelle Gouvernance
  483. Anon+
  484. Anonymous Market
  485. Anonymous Marketplace
  486. Anonymous P2P
  487. Anonymous Party
  488. Anonymous and Decentralized Networks
  489. Another Future is Possible
  490. Another World is Possible in Greece
  491. Answering the Attraction of Trump by a Massive Investment in Relocalized Community Production
  492. Antero Garcia on Alternate Reality Gaming in South Central Los Angeles
  493. Anthony Barnett on Occupy and the Left
  494. Anthony McCann on Going Towards a Critical Vernacular Ecology
  495. Anthony McCann on the Philosophy of Proximity
  496. Anthropocene Transition Project
  497. Anthropological Analysis of Civic Experimentation with Free Culture in the City
  498. Anthropological Introduction To Youtube
  499. Anthropological Introduction to P2P
  500. Anthropology and the Economy of Sharing

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