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Guaka is Kasper Souren, born in the Netherlands, MSc in Mathematics, speaks many languages.
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[http://guaka.org guaka.org]
==Main activities (as of June 2007)==
* He is maintaining the [http://www.trustmetrics.dreamhosters.com Trust Metrics Wiki]
* [http://hitchwiki.org Hitchwiki]
* [http://bewelcome.org BeWelcome]
==Past activities==
* Volunteer for [[Geekcorps]] [[Mali]]
* Creating Wikipedias in [http://bm.wikipedia.org Bambara], [http://ff.wikipedia.org Fulfulde] and [http://li.wikipedia.org Limburgish].
* Consultant at CEPES in [[Peru]], working on a system to increase financial transparency at the Peruvian ministry of agriculture.
* Tech team coordinator at [[CouchSurfing]], another hospitality exchange network where the founder refused the peer-to-peer model.

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