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Classic Authors and Books

Alan Page Fiske: Structures of Social Life

The foundational manuscript on P2P theory, uses the relational model used by anthropologist Alan Page Fiske, to conclude that the peer to peer relational dynamic is a form on 'non-reciprocal' or generalized exchange. In Fiske's model, it is called Communal Shareholding.

The implication is that Peer Production does not function as a Gift Economy (which corresponds to Fiske's category called Equality Matching), as is often mistakenly claimed.

Basic article by Fiske at

See our wiki entry at: Relational Model Typology - Fiske

Kojin Karatani: The Structure of World History

Whereas Fiske establishes a relational grammar that one can in find throughout historical periods and in every cultural sphere, Karatani historicizes their role as dominant form for particular civilizational forms, as they succeed each other through cultural and societal evolution.

Karatani_Kojin, is a Japanese political theorist and philosopher who is one of the co-founders of the defunct Japanese New Associationist Movement‎ and the author of a book on the Evolution of the Structure of World History Through Modes of Production and Modes of Exchange. The book establishes a history of modes of relationship and allocation of resources

==Mark Whitaker:

Karl Polanyi: The Great Transformation

Elinor Ostrom: Governing the Commons

Peter Pogany: Rethinking the World

David Sloan Wilson: Multi-Level Selection Theory

Contemporary Researchers

  • Kate Raworth
  • Adam Arvidsson
  • Enzio Manzini
  • Christian Iaione
  • Kevin Carson
  • Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Hall