Social Structures of Accumulation Book

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Official Description from the Publisher

"The social structure of accumulation (SSA) approach seeks to explain the long-term fortunes of capitalist economies in terms of the effect of political and economic institutions on growth rates. This book offers an ideal introduction to this powerful tool for understanding capitalist growth, analysing the social and economic differences between countries and the reasons for the successes and failures of institutional reform. The contributors cover a wide range of topics, including the theoretical basis of the SSA approach, the postwar financial system, Marxian and Keynesian theories of economic crisis, labour-management relations, race and gender issues, and the history of institutional innovation. Combining newly written essays with classic articles of the SSA school, the book examines the international economy and the economies of Japan, South Africa, and Puerto Rico, as well as the United States.

Introduction to an important radical approach to study of the political, economic and social structures which determine economic success • Contributors explain the theory, and apply it to different countries and historical periods; comprises classic articles and newly-commissioned pieces • Some big names, the leaders in the field (Reich, Gordon, Edwards, Weisskopf), and a genuine interdisciplinary appeal"[1]

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