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Social payment services aim to reflect both real world and virtual world social behaviour and forms of financial association, mainly among peers. Examples of these are bill splitting or flash micro loans among friends. Examples include:


  1. Scred
  2. Holvi



"Shared expenses are always a tricky challenge, largely because of the logistics involved in making sure everyone pays their own fair share. Enter PayDivvy, a California-based startup that aims to make the whole process easier.

With support for electronic billing from more than 5,000 different service providers, allows users to pay, send or share individual and group bills through a simple online and mobile interface. To split any bill, users can create a group on the free site — such as a set of roommates, for example — and then create a “divvy” for each shared expense, such as rent." (



'Splitting costs among a group of people is frequently fraught with difficulty. WePay aims to make it easier for groups of any size to share expenses of any kind.

Recently launched into public beta, California-based WePay is an online payment service that strives to make it easy for groups to collect, manage and spend money. Specifically, WePay allows users to create free FDIC-insured accounts and share them with others to maintain transparency. From these accounts, users can send electronic bills—payable with bank accounts or credit cards—and spend funds with a WePay VISA prepaid card, paper checks or electronic transfers. Clubs, organizations and associations of all sizes can use WePay to send bills and collect money, solicit donations, send reimbursements and spend money transparently. Unlike PayPal, WePay also lets users create separate accounts for different things—one for expenses shared with roommates, for example, and a totally separate one for a group vacation. Fees for using WePay range from USD 0.50 to 3.5 percent per incoming payment; outgoing transactions are free." (


"Venmo is a social payments platform that makes it easy for friends to exchange money using their phones. Transactions occur through SMS messages, mobile apps, or the Web. The social part comes in when people attach messages to each payment, which can be broadcast across Twitter or Facebook." (


"ProPay has provided simple, secure and affordable payment solutions for organizations ranging from the small, home-based entrepreneur to multi-billion dollar businesses. ProPay is a leading provider of complete end-to-end payment security solutions that reduce, and may even eliminate, an organization’s risk of having sensitive payment data compromised." (