Social Basis for a Sharing Economy

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Short 3 minute video showing the numbers describing the field of opportunity for a sharing economy:

"Uniiverse has collated some startling figures detailing the opportunity space of ‘idlesourcing’:

  • There are one billion cars on the road, 740 million of them carrying only one person, and 470m would be willing to carpool.
  • There are 460 million homes in the developed world, with on average $3,000 worth of unused items available; and 69% of households would share these items if they could earn some money from it
  • 300 million people in the developed world spend more than 20% of their waking hours alone and are looking for connection
  • of the 2 billion internet-connected people in the world, 78% declare that their online experience has made them more amenable to sharing in the ‘real world’ (this conversion from online to offline sharing behaviour is confirmed by the Latitude Research survey). 80% of the 7 billion people on the planet today would declare that sharing makes them more happy. This means 5.7b people would be ready for a sharing economy."