Simon Kaye on the World-Changing Commons Research of Elinor Ostrom

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"Ostrom is the intellectual hero of the community power movement. Her decades-long research confirms what many of us already believe, that people are less selfish – and more capable – than we’re conditioned to think. This has radical implications for how we run our public services and move forward as a society.

Dr Simon Kaye introduces New Local's major new piece of work: Think Big, Act Small, which unpacks her ideas, and presents their real, urgent lessons for the UK today."


"New Local’s latest report, Think Big, Act Small, is an effort to bring the UK’s establishment to its senses. It draws upon the work of Elinor Ostrom – who won the Nobel Prize in economics for showing how communities can solve problems “beyond markets and states” – to unpack a series of insights about the conditions that allow communities to rise to meet the challenges that they encounter. The report argues that in many cases people-powered, local, and small-scale responses can outcompete privatized or government-run alternatives."

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