Seven Policy Switches

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James Greyson [1] proposes [2] Seven Policy Switches and associated strategic commons to achieve a rapid reversal or multiple global problems. "Together the switches define a practical strategy for global security, for a serious attempt at revival of co-operation, ecosystems and prosperity." [3]

  1. Strategy commons[4]; replacing a less-bad vision of progress with 'positive development'
  2. Learning commons[5]; enabling open-mindedness by replacing prescriptive education with 'curiosity-led'
  3. Economic commons[6]; a simple micro-economic tool to replace linear (waste-based) economics with 'circular economics'
  4. Co-operation commons[7]; a simple macro-economic tool to replace conflict escalation with co-operation escalation.
  5. Guardianship commons[8]; replacing exploitive ownership with a world-wide merging of ownership and guardianship.
  6. Wealth commons[9]; wealth-sharing by the mega-rich replacing a culture of scarcity with abundance.
  7. Money commons[10], replacing privatised money-creation with public national and local money supply.