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"Rok Kranjc is a researcher, process designer, translator and editor, radio journalist and grassroots climate movement organizer based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Drawing on the commons, degrowth, posthumanism, decoloniality, transformative socio-ecological innovation, transition theory and design, speculative fiction, game co-design and participatory futures processes, his work is geared towards empowering locally situated as well as global and distributed collectives for cultural, socio-economic and political transformations towards resilient, pluriversal and heterotopic futures.




Local, EU-based and global distributed projects using foresight and pariticpatory futures methods in sustainability transitions and new economy contexts. Event organization, process design and facilitaion. He works with a range of clients, from commons-oriented initiatives, local activist groups (pro bono) to translocal social innovation networks and finance policy officials. RESEARCHER, INSTITUTE FOR ECOLOGY; LJUBLJANA, SLOVENIA — 2018–PRESENT Research on deliberative policy-making for sustainable urban water governance (EU projects

  • PROLINE-C & CAMARO-D). Policy arena analysis and deliberative process design for low-

carbon housing transitions (nproject Care4Climate). Organization of biennial International

  • Summer School of Political Ecology. Reading seminars. Connecting students with action research

ranging from mycoremediation, in-wheel electric motors to sustainable housing cooperatives."



• Lukšič, A., Kranjc, R., Jordan, N. & D. Maraž (2019) Political ecological analysis of land-use policy design process for protecting water resources as intergenerational commons. Interreg PROLINE-CE special report, Institute for Ecology. • Kranjc, R. (In press) A hitchiker’s guide to the Pluriverse: An interview on decoloniality and degrowth with Barbara Muraca. Journal Tribuna, Special Issue on Progress and Development (September, 2019). • Kranjc, R. (2018) Using ‘alternatives to development’ to co-create scenarios of alternative futures. Journal for the Critique of Science, for Imagination & New Anthropology, 273 (46), 65-80.


• Kvac, B., Hawlina, M., Kranjc, R., Petek, A. & R. Ramšak (2019) Handbook for starting up a housing cooperative. Project Dovolj za vse: skupnostno upravljanje z življenjskimi viri. Association Focus & Foundation Umanotera. • Kranjc, R. (2019) Commoners of the world, common: Review of Peer-to-Peer: A Commons Manifesto. Radio Študent. • Kranjc, R. (2019) Ou atterrir? Review of Latour's Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime. Radio Študent. • Kranjc, R. (2019) Thank you, seagull: An interview with the Embassy of the North Sea/Parliament of Things. Radio Študent. • Kranjc, R. (2019) Do androids dream of commonist revolution: a short speculative fiction. Radio Študent. • Kranjc, R. (2018) Gaming the future and the futures of gaming: On pathways and possibilities of anticipatory commons. JFS Digital. • Kranjc, R. (2018) Basic income in the Long Now: Three critical considerations for the futures of alternative welfare systems. Laboratory for the Governance of the City as a Commons.