Right To Psychological Continuity

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Kees van der Pijl:

"A Swiss specialist on the issue of neuro-engineering, Marcello Ienca, reviewing the new departures into brain and identity manipulation by the large IT corporations, warns that the time in which they will able to actually direct people’s preferences is not too far away any more. He argues for a right to psychological continuity [which] might preserve people’s personal identity and the continuity of their mental life from unconsented external alteration by third parties. Psychological continuity is an important issue in the context of national security, where mandatory personality-changing interventions might be justified in light of greater strategic goals. Brain interventions that reduce the need for sleep are already in use in the military, and it’s easy to imagine interventions that make soldiers more belligerent or fearless." (https://www.academia.edu/40678009/Democracy_ecology_and_Big_Data._Can_they_be_combined_into_a_21st-_century_socialism?)