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Have you ever wondered what it takes to publish a journal?

This is an open project where the effort is to put together everything needed for a P2P publishing operation.

Let's give it a try!

Lot's of sites out there exist to exploit the work of authors. What about a publishing house that is owned and operated by the users? How would that work?

That's what we'll be exploring. If you have some ideas then please let us know!

Most of my notes will be kept in those two locations but as things develop I'll publish updates.

Here are a few of the ideas coming off the press:

  1. Keep the focus on publishing collections of submissions
  2. Organize as a not-for-loss endeavour
  3. Pay all workers the same rate
  4. Point 'profits' toward reinvestment
  5. Use transparent accounting and allow al users to examine the finances
  6. Keep the work simple: use standard templates for publishing
  7. Let users keep all rights to their work
  8. Use revenue from book sales to fund future operations
  9. Build in the ability for users to generate custom collections in PDF
  10. Use OpenPublish for the website
  11. Use something like Kickstarter to raise money for costs

There's a lot more to take into account, so what's missing?

Questions to be answered

Feel free to add your question here!

How much does it cost to get this going? Is there a min/max target?

Supporting Documents

Shared documents:


The Cheese Board Collective has done something similar with regard to being a collective owned by workers. Read about it here: