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A comprehensive list of hacked and hackable products is maintained by Stephen Vermeulen at
A comprehensive list of hacked and hackable products is maintained by Stephen Vermeulen at
We used this previous compilation as the basis but we continued to develop separately.

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A comprehensive list of hacked and hackable products is maintained by Stephen Vermeulen at http://vermeulen.ca/product-hacking.html

We used this previous compilation as the basis but we continued to develop separately.


  1. Free Hardware Design, Open Development, Open Customization ; Open Design, Open Hardware, Open Innovation, Open Source, Open Source Product Design, Open Source Hardware
  2. Citizen Product Design; Co-Creation; Co-Design ; Desktop Manufacturing ; Peer Production Entrepreneurs ; Self-organized Design Communities
  3. Typology by degree of openness: Closed Hardware; Open Interface, Open Design, Open Implementation
  4. It is increasingly easy and popular to share and swap physical goods, i.e. Freecycling‎, using Free Stores‎ and FreeSharing Network‎s. See also: Regifting and Regiving
  5. "Light Green Ecology" points to the necessity to conceptualise material streams in a bio-logical way: Spontaneus abundance and upcycling as principles. Free Resources, Cooperative Cycles


  1. Citizen Product Design
  2. Community Supported Manufacturing
  3. Co-Creation
  4. Co-Design
  5. Crowdsourced Advertising
  6. Crowdsourced Design
  7. Open Customization
  8. Open Design
  9. Open Source Architecture
  10. Open Source Hardware
  11. Open Hardware
  12. Open P2P Communities
  13. Open Peer to Peer Design
  14. Open Source Hardware
  15. Open Source Physical Objects
  16. Open Source Product Design
  17. Open innovation
  18. Peer Production Entrepreneurs
  19. Personal Fabricators
  20. RepRap
  21. Self-organized Design Communities


Development Toolkits

  1. Alliance, free CAD tools and portable libraries for VLSI design
  2. Arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software.
  3. LEOX, Complete, free, open source, set of hardware and software components usable to build an embedded computer with its operating system that can be incorporated easily into a FPGA or into an ASIC...
  4. LiberLab, a DIY digital lab at a very low price

Reference Sites:

  1. Appropedia
  2. DesignBreak
  3. InventGeek
  4. Instructables
  5. Open Circuits, a wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, ports and parts libraries
  6. Open Cores, a loose collection of people who are interested in developing hardware, with a similar ethos to the free software movement"
  7. Open Sustainability Network and its Standarrd blog
  8. SPI, founded to help organizations develop and distribute open hardware and software.
  9. TaskForge

Open Products

Electronic Parts and Components

  1. Coreboot, aimed at replacing the proprietary BIOS (firmware)
  2. Ethernut, Open Source Hardware and Software Project for building tiny Embedded Ethernet Devices
  3. ExpressPCB, manufactures self-designed motherboards
  4. Free IO
  5. Manticore, an open source hardware design for a 3D graphics accelerator
  6. Open Pattern, embedded electronics for wireless
  7. SquidBee, "Open Hardware and Source wireless sensor device. The goal of SquidBee is getting an "open mote" to create Sensor Networks"
  8. TuxPhone, an RFID-enabled Open Cellphone project
  9. Ucasterisk, free hardware designs for telephone systems. Both the hardware and software are open.

Products primarily based on Electronic Components


  • s = software open source / developer community
  • h = hardware open for manufacturing
  1. Bug Labs, a programmable hardware device, The Bug, run on open source software Bugbase s
  2. Chumby, a powerful little device with Wi-Fi, a 3.5-inch screen and an interface that you can customize s
  3. Daisy MP3 Player s,h
  4. Elphel, cameras s,h
  5. Free Telephony Project, provides free reference designs for embedded telephony. s,h
  6. Jaldi Battery Charger s,h
  7. Muio, a modular system for sensing and controlling the Real World s,h
  8. Neuros Technology and its OSD Open Source Device
  9. Night Brights, the entire making process of the lights is open source and shared publicly
  10. Open Bios, Open Firmware implementations
  11. Open EEG
  12. Open FM
  13. Open Graphics Project
  14. Open Handset Alliance
  15. Open Micromanufacturing and Nanomanufacturing Equipment
  16. Open Moko, an Open Mobile Telephony project
  17. Open OEM, "the next generation open computer"
  18. Open Pandora
  19. Open Sparc
  20. OKVM Project, open source console and KVM management software / open source KVM hardware.
  21. Ronja by Twibright Labs, optical point-to-point data link device
  22. Roomba, hackable Vacuuming Robots
  23. x0xb0x, "Roland" MIDI synthesizer
  24. Ybox, an internet connected set-top box

Other products

Agriculture, Development and Sustainability

  1. Concentrated Solar Power Open Source Initiative
  2. SHPEGS Open Energy Project
  3. SolaRoof, open design of solar energy for households

Building and Housing, Furniture

  1. Grid Beam Building System, reuseable parts for building
  2. Hexayurt, an open source disaster relief shelter
  3. Open Architecture Network
  4. Ikea Hacker Do it yourself blog on the base of corporate products
  5. Movisi Open Design Furniture

Fashion, Leisure and Learning

  1. Open Source Sewing Patterns such as Burdastyle
  2. Lego Factory, design your own kits, in the corporate framework
  3. LugNet, design your own Lego kits, outside the corporate framework
  4. [Pret a Printer], TShirt Designs by Taskforge

Food, Drinks, Drugs etc,

  1. Open Cola
  2. Open Source Pharma (speculation)


  1. Open Source Green Vehicle
  2. Open Source Scooter, a project to make a Segway-type vehicle
  3. Open Source Velomobile Development Project
  4. Worldbike
  5. Whirlwind Wheelchair International


  1. Multimachine, all-purpose machine tool, an example of Multiple-Purpose Production Technology
  2. Ronen Kadushin Open Design - a practical repository of physical shape algorithms