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= the developing ‘scientific-art’ of intelligent and peaceful application of voluntary, consent based, decentralized transcultural cooperation amongst independently evolving free sentient beings.

URL = http://spacecollective.org/projects/Polytopia/


"The goal of a Polytopia is simply NOT to define the common good and by that escaping the trap of statistical interest. In stead of :” the sum total of all the private interests of the individual members of a society” let us propose here a different approach, the approach of the co-emergent interest.

A co-emergent interest let us define as:” the interest emerging out of a collaborative mind mutuality, emphasizing the unique perspective of each and every individual member, voluntarily desiring to cooperate/share/connect/interact with other minds, for the purpose of allowing : “A ‘positive – unified’ vision of transcultural diversity, as applied to sentient beings”, a Polytopia, to emerge.

Po-ly-to-pi-a = "A ‘positive – unified’ vision of transcultural diversity, as applied to sentient beings;


"An emergent collaboration marketplace of ideas, thoughts, dreams, sensations, ambitions, views and agendas, apparent and evolving on the net" (http://spacecollective.org/Wildcat/4133/POLYTOPIA-the-emergence-of)

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