Plan C for Advancing the Commons Transition in Greece

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Plan A is the name for the capitulation towards the demands of the creditors, now the most realistic possibility; plan B is the grexit which offers Greece an independent path within the same economic logic, but with basic sovereign powers to protect and advance their own interests; plan C stands for a Commons Transition, which can take place either under conditions laid out by Plan A or Plan B, but which could become the main strategy under conditions of a revival of popular power and democracy.


A very very preliminary first draft at this stage, but this document will improve every day.


Building up alternative democratic power and self-organization

  • create Mutual Aid Networks in every town and region to assist citizens in their access to basic resources
  • create a 'self-management learning center' to support organizations of all sorts to move to self-management inspired by the experiences described in Reinventing Organizations

Monetary Reform

  • create a independent national currency, citizen-based if need be
  • create a national B2B currency (Swiss bank) for use as B2B reserve currency
  • create a network of local and regional currencies
  • create a national public bank, citizen-based if needed
  • create a solidarity economy bank
  • create a 'self-management learning center' to support even non-commons organizations of all sorts moving towards self-management structures and processes, inspired by the spirit of Reinventing Organizations

Productive Reform

  • generalize a framework for independent renewable energy production
  • generalize a framework for direct food production and consumption
  • democratize access to affordable housing by systemizing the creation of Community Land Trusts and similar solutions
  • create local/regional incubators for the solidarity economy
  • create a network of productive workshops for every locality/region and for every domain of economic activity
  • create a network of solidarity economy incubators in every town and region
  • create a network of support for the SME economy
  • create a network of provisioning councils at local, regional and national levels to insure a flow of basic resources to all citizens
  • create and support the creation of knowledge commons for every area of human activity
  • link thematic incubators for the solidarity and SME economy to each of these shared knowledge commons