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URL = http://www.pixelcorps.com/


"Over 500 Years ago, craftsmen rarely worked for a company. They were contracted for a period time and then moved on to the next contract. To remain competitive in such an atmosphere, many formed "guilds" or organizations designed to provide networking, ongoing training, standards, certification, and even some social services among their members. Kings did not post jobs in the classifieds to find craftsmen, they contacted guilds who did not compel the employers to hire their members but simply were the only ones who could produce the work.

As "Chief Architect" of PixelCorps, Alex Lindsay merges the very old idea of a guild system made up of independent craftsman with the demands of mastering new and emerging media. PixelCorps serves as a guild for the next generation of craftsmen--digital craftsmen.

They are currently transfering skills in digital imaging and animation to regions in the developing world, so that those citizens may capitalize on the coming media revolution.

In order to survive as a craftsman in this new mediascape, PixelCorps believes companies and individuals must be able to solve the following challenges: inexpensive and on-going training, standardization, access to resources, true production experience and networking with other practitioners." (http://www.siconversations.org/shows/detail883.html)

More Information

Listen to Alex Lindsay on Digital Craftsmen for Development