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The Phone Co-op provides all manner of data and telecom services. It is member owned and a member of Co-operatives UK.

From the Site

The organisation - no more business as usual. 
The Phone Co-op has a different way of doing business. Social responsibility isn’t a marketing gimmick; it underpins everything we do, from the way we treat our staff to where we invest our profits.
Why choose a co-operative? 
Because we’re a co-operative, we’re actually owned by our customers, so we’re not focused on putting money into the pockets of external shareholders. The money we make goes towards improving our service, rewarding members with dividend payments and helping worthwhile community projects. Although we’re not driven solely by money, we still aim to make a sustainable profit. The co-operative model is a tried and tested way of doing business that’s been working for people in this country for over 150 years. Isn’t it time you got on board?
Democracy in action 
The business is owned and controlled by its members, so all members are entitled to have their say on important decisions at our Annual General Meeting. The board of directors is made up of members and voted in by members. Any member can stand for the Board as long as they have been a member for six months or more. Our Board of Directors page gives more information on how to stand.
How we started 
The Phone Co-op started out in 1998 as a way for non-profit organisations like charities and community groups to bulk-buy their telecommunications. The idea was that if these organisations came together as a buying club, they could make big savings. The idea took off and it wasn’t long before regular customers started wanting to share in the savings. So we expanded into residential phone services and the rest is history. Since then, we’ve been trading profitably and growing steadily.[1]

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