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A Peer in a P2P Network

A peer is shorthand for an individual participating in a peer-to-peer network. This definition points out that a peer is a peer because there are other peers. A peer is assumed to desire or maintain some form of equity within a P2P Network, and the specifics of equity are left to the peers of that network to decide.


Proposed by Dale Carrico:

""The Peer": A peer is not an equal -- for there are no equals -- the peer is the one who appears in the public square, and by virtue of the public square, be it the polis of the streets or of the nets, and who appears as one who contributes, contests, collaborates, has a stake in the shared and made world precisely in her difference from others who also appear and associate in company. The ethos of politics, peer-to-peer, which is one and the same as the ethos of democratization, is always the interminable dynamic of equity-in-diversity." (


Dale Carrico writes on the above:

"It is one of an archive of futurological and technocultural theses and aphrorisms that have been accumulating at, which began as something like a collection of anti-futurological wisecracks and has begun to take on some of the heft of an elaborated critique."