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Listed in the [[Association of Peer to Peer Researchers]]
Listed in the [[Association of Peer to Peer Researchers]]

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Currently completing a PhD part-time at the University of Melbourne, interdisciplinary connections between urban planning, open source software, sustainability, and the governance of same.

With a background in computational science and participating in developing open source software drawing on a wide interdisciplinary skill base (such as the Underworld framework for computational geodynamics). I'm interested in how such 'complexes' of open production can be adopted to address challenging, contested problems in urban planning such as metropolitan-scale transport provision.


My research interests include:

Open source software, urban modelling, public transport, sustainability, emergence, complex systems, Open GIS, reproducible research, deliberative and participatory democracy, computational science, Wikis and organisational dynamics.

More Information

Email: p.sunter(at)pgrad.unimelb.edu.au

Twitter: PatSunter

Listed in the Association of Peer to Peer Researchers