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= "a fully decentralized versioning protocol where each repository is governed through an AragonOS-based DAO". 


"Its goal is to provide content creators, and mostly software developers, with a universal open-source versioning, cooperation and archiving layer." [1]


As mentioned in the Pando white-paper the aim of this project is to :

“Offer a distributed cooperation, distribution and valuation infrastructure to Commons Creative Contents (CCC) i.e. any kind of content produced through an open process such as - but not restricted to: Open Source Software, Books licensed under Creative Commons, Music licensed under Creative Commons, etc. “

Turning each content into a DAO is thus rendered possible thanks to the combination of the Git-like protocol and the possibilities opened by the blockchain technology. As shown in the image below the Pando protocol currently allows each contributor to earn authorship in the form of authority tokens on the repository controlled through a DAO. In fact each new contribution within a content automatically dilutes the share of previous contributors." (