P2P Foundation Wiki Taxonomy Maintenance

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P2P Foundation Wiki Taxonomy Maintenance

This article outlines short and long term goals with regards to changes or modifications to the wiki taxonomy.

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Keep in Mind

This document focuses on particular categories and actions needed to bring them into alignment with the P2P Foundation Wiki Taxonomy article.

The current direction is to maintain a low barrier to entry, which means providing an easy way for users to add categories to pages, and that limits the

Simple is good. It's important that users, especially new users, feel comfortable adding information and that they don't run into any big complexity issues.

Core Categories

These are now established and outlined in the P2P Foundation Wiki Taxonomy article, which is a resource of second resort for users inquiring into advanced category usage. Additionally, highly specific instructions are included at Help:Using Categories for new editors.

The core subcategories currently contained within the Category:P2P Foundation Knowledge Commons are:

Outstanding Tasks for Categorization

Changes to the Current Taxonomy