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P2P Foundation Sites and Connections

  1. Check out the thriving discussions at the P2P Foundation's social sit, http://p2pfoundation.ning.com/
    • You can submit articles and links for the community and follow up on the discussion
    • It's a great place to meet members of the P2P Foundation Network
  2. p2presearch is a mailing list discussion for more academic topics. Click here to subscribe (see also the page on the Association of Peer to Peer Researchers)
  3. Subscribe to an RSS Feed

An Invitation

Dear Visitors:

I would like to use this page to call for volunteers who would like to help The Foundation for P2P Alternatives become a better platform on P2P developments and as a place to link up with people sharing similar values about a more participatory future.

Even if you update a page of your choice only once a week, over time, your contribution is substantial. Multiply it with other contributors, and the effect is dramatic.

If you want to contribute please feel free to sign up for an account.


Michel Bauwens

News, agenda

  1. Developing a "News" page alerting visitors to new developments, in a way that is attractive to read
  2. Maintain an agenda of P2P-related events worldwide

Wish Lists

Become a Wiki Editor

Make your contribution to the wiki collection.

Wiki Work in Progress

Upgrade the Platform

Make a contribution to the usability of our platform.

New Fatures



  • skip captcha for approved users


  1. Create a own Page-Space for Tags
  2. Describe Tags and put in Relation to other Tags, Categories etc


These links were here already; the member list is pretty useless, full of the names of attempted spammers. Is there any way to list only the real members?

Contributor List, add yourself.


Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help. Bold text

Open access

I finally installed the reCAPTCHA plugin and opened write access to "anonymous" editors. People cannot create accounts yet, but if our open-up experiment turns out to work fine we should open that as well. I protected the main page since it's too visible. The reCAPTCHA is shown whenever an "anonymous" editor wants to add a link. Spambots know this and sometimes do probes with random strings, but they're easily removed and not as bad as links. --Guaka 01:50, 27 July 2008 (PDT)

new favicon

Abundance came up with a nicer looking favicon. :) Guaka 21:42, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

I´m just noticing that our logo has been removed and replaced bz the logo of OSE factor e farm project. Thanks for removing and replacing it again,

Michel--Mbauwens 10:21, 13 September 2009 (UTC)