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Introduction to Cooperative Model Resources

P2P Cooperatives Models are those where a group of individuals organize around a common need and proceed to collaborate on solutions that fulfill their needs. By and large cooperative models are, by definition Peer-to-Peer (P2P) because they are owned, governed, and labored at by peers, individuals who usually have one vote each with regards to decision making of the cooperative enterprise. There are variations to this, where a group of peers might vote for a certain person to handle certain types of business or areas of work, or a peer fills a certain job that is important and necessary based on qualifications instead of voting, and at the heart of it, the operation itself, of creating the position, was done through some manner of cooperative means.

Articles in this category meet a criteria bearing some similarity to the description above. These articles are categorized into various groups to make it (hopefully) easier for you to navigate. If you have ideas about how to make this page work better, or would like to add a resource, please visit the help page for instructions on how to get started.

Toward a Cooperative Economy

General Lists

  • The Cooperatives Category on the P2P Foundation Wiki contains a number of articles that focus on cooperative enterprise.