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P2P Theory re-uses a great deal of technology and theory form other schools. In some cases the concepts are expanded, and in other cases they are used as-is in concert with other concepts towards new ends.

At the center of P2P Theory is the relation of one individual to another. By examining this relationship, and teasing out the nuances of the interchange we discover a host of what might be termed 'companion concepts,' recurring concepts that are continually re-worked and expanded. These concepts comprise the bulk of what might be considered P2P, in fact, but only in so much as any system is comprised of component parts.

In the P2P Foundation wiki there are a number of different P2P perspectives that could be durable. For example, Commons-Based models, or the Open Business Models. These durable models are supported by these concepts, and a good portion of the additions to the wiki are excerpts from various articles on the web that shed more light on these concepts in various and related context.

These concepts are tied to specific aspects of P2P. For example, one of looking at these concepts would be to say that, instead of naming Peergovernance as an concept in P2P Theory, we might look instead at Transparency as a concept, and then look at how transparency comes off in the context of Peergovernance or Peerfunding. For a list of some of the main research areas of the foundation you can view the P2P Resource Collections. In that area you will find a set of broad topics.

In essence these companion concepts glue the research areas together. As such, each research area usually has one or two or a lot of things to say about what transparency means in the context of Peergovernance or the like.

While this list below of P2P Companion Concepts is by no means exhaustive it grows with time as we uncover the linkages between the durable and persistant forms of P2P alternatives that are evolving in the world.








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