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==January-December 2014==
See: [[Blog Video of the Day Archive 2014]]
==January 2014==
* ''[[Gabriella Coleman on Understanding Anonymous]]''
* ''[[Paul Lewis on Crowdsourcing the News]]''
* ''[[Charlotte Hess on Crafting New Commons for Collaboration, Participation, and Sustainability]]''
* ''[[Dan Robles on Dissolving Big Data with P2P Knowledge Economies]]''
* ''[[Jerome Hergueux on Cooperation in the Wikipedia Peer Production Economy]]''
* ''[[Andrew McGettigan on MOOC Boosterism in the Current Higher Education Policy Environment]]''
* ''[[George Por on the Commons Education]]''
* ''[[Tomislav Tomasevic on Commons-Based Political Struggles in Central and Eastern Europe]]''
* ''[[Charlotte Hess on the Need for a Commons Research Agenda‎]]''
* ''[[Friederike Habermann on the Ecommony]]''
* ''[[Money as a Commons]]''
* ''[[Vinay Gupta on Solving Global Crises through Peer Production]]''
* ''[[Bernard Stiegler on Social Networking As the New Political Question]]''
* ''[[Luigi Russi on Hungry Capital and the Financialization of Food]]''
* ''[[Ben Goldacre on Why Medicine Research Should Be Open]]''
* ''[[Money, Markets, Value and the Commons]]''
* ''[[Dilar_Dirik]]''  Layne did this :-) dont' know how to add here
* ''[[Neal Gorenflo on Why No One Will Buy Tourism in the Future]]''
* ''[[Noam Chomsky on Adam Smith's Critique of the Invisible Hand]]''
* ''[[Michael Hudson on Public Banking]]''
* ''[[Aram Sinnreich on the Piracy Crusade]]''
==February 2014==
* ''[[Janelle Orsi on the Role of Cooperatives in Resilience and Sustainability]]''
* ''[[Pieter Franken on the Safecast on the Crowdsourced Radiation Monitoring Project in Japan]]''
* ''[[Sylvia Libow Martinez on Using Arduino for Education]]''
* ''[[Trebor Scholz on Digital Labor]]''
* ''[[Paul Gilding on How the Resource Crisis Will Stop Economic Growth]]''
* ''[[Mayo Fuster Morell on the P2P Value Research Project]]''
* ''[[Introducing the Postcapitalist Ecoindustrial Calafou Hacker Monastery and Community in Barcelona]]''
* ''[[Video Introduction Panel to the P2P Value Research Project]]''
==March 2014==
* ''[[Joonas Pekkanen on the Open Ministry Platform for Crowdsourced Legislation in Finland]]''
* ''[[True Story of Alternative Currencies]]''
* ''[[Kevin Kelly on the Past, Present, and Future of Publishing and Collaboration]]''
* ''[[Voices of Transition]]''
* ''[[Introduction to the Open Source Beehives Project]]''
* ''[[Michel Bauwens Explains the FLOK Transition Project to an Integral Theory Conference]]''
* ''[[Discussion on Sensorica's Open Value Accounting for the P2P Value Research Project]]''
* ''[[Tom Dawkins on Start Some Good on Peerfunding]]''
* ''[[Catherine Bracy on Civic Hacking]]''
==April 2014==
==April 2014==

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