Organic Code for the Social Knowledge and Innovation Economy of Ecuador

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"The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation invites you to explore WikiCOESC+i , the virtual tool that’s been designed for the collective, transparent and democratic construction of the Organic Code for the Social Knowledge and Innovation Economy — COESC+i.

The tool has been specifically designed to facilitate popular participation into the workings of the COESC+i, with visitors able to directly contribute their comments, criticism and encouragement regarding the project. The seeks to put into law the established directives in the Constitution of the Republic and the National Plan for Good Living, both of which aim to guide Ecuador’s transition away from a productive matrix based on monopolistic exclusion through the extraction of finite resources toward a more social, supportive and democratic economic system based on the intensive use of our collective and infinite resources: knowledge, creativity and innovation.

In order to generate the necessary normative forces and legislative framework to successfully implement these changes and reclaim/recover a meaningful sense of the public sphere, there must be free and open access to knowledge for everybody. The journey toward an innovative and social knowledge economy will be collaborative and co-orientated, the product of our collective desire to meet the needs of our community and to construct a sense of, and path towards, the notion of Good Living.

We invite the citizens of Ecuador and the world to join forces in this process of building an innovative policy instrument which we hope will serve as a transformative tool not only for Ecuador but for all countries seeking to build a social economy based on the sovereign, free and democratic exchange of knowledge and innovation."