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Michel Briand:

"The growth of "open" is also a territorial proccupation. How to enlarge locally the production of openc ontents : ? - Regiowikis is an exemple - but also putting public contents in public domain - collaborative networks with open courses - education about "open" - use of free software


Open territories could include any geographic region that has a policy or regulation ( Policy) in force (or planned) for that geographic region that could be described as "commons" within the broad range of definitions of "Commons" in the Category:Commons page or on another page therein. Open is a weighted value for the type of agreement that creates a commons. You can read more about Open in Category:Open. The concept of a territory brings up the notion of sovereign control, or some form of legal jurisdiction. Interpret the concept as you will, and the spirit of this has something to do with geography. In the future if we can figure out how to refine this individual entries could be listed in a category-mix of open, geography, and policy. Does this fit your idea? What do you think? So we need it to be "Open" as well? Is that term understood well enough? See Category:World and Category:Geography. Lists like this are interesting because it is a little bit like predicting a trend.

Pages that are categorized with Geography, Policy, and Commons. The list will refresh itself as new pages are added. Manual additions are listed below.



Linz as Open Commons Region,


"Brest in commons"